Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Feel Goods have moved in

Live Life Happy

Have you noticed how super sensitive we have become as a society?   Every day on the news there is some group protesting something.  Yesterday it was Starbucks taking Merry Christmas off their cups. Today it is Hello Barbie stealing children's privacy.  

Here are my thoughts on these issues.  I say Merry Christmas.  I believe in Christmas.  I believe in Jesus, God, and yes, I believe in Santa Claus.   If someone else doesn't believe and they respond to me Happy Holidays I am not offended.  That's their choice.  I hate that businesses are forced to be super sensitive to everyone too but I also hate seeing Christmas decorations up in stores in August.  In other words, it's just not that big of a deal.  Nobody dies if Starbucks cups have no saying on them. If your faith is that fragile you don't have much faith anyway.  Tell them Merry Christmas (when it's time.  It's not yet, save it for after Thanksgiving). If you really hate this that much, don't go Starbucks, pay them money for a drink, and tell them your name is Merry Christmas.  You do realize that you support their company when you buy coffee.  It's still your choice.  You don't have to buy Starbucks if it bothers you that much. 

Now about Barbie.   Hello Barbie is being protested by a group worried she steals the privacy of the kids who play with her. Why?  The child says something to the  doll, the comment is sent to the cloud, the computer processes it for a response and sends the answer to the doll.   "Hello Barbie! How are you today?" Barbie "Hi! I am good thanks.  Want to play?"   Now what exactly is your child of Barbie playing age saying that is so significant their privacy is at risk?   Parents who are actually worried about it, just don't buy the doll.  It's not protest worthy.  You have the choice.  

Somewhere along the road in the touchy-freely 80's we started raising a generation of complaining, protesting babies.   

Seriously,  before we got on the 80's psychotherapy train, when we were all told we were "co-dependent",  nobody worried about all this super sensitive stuff. Nobody cared in the 70's that the General Lee had a confederate flag on the roof.  People were too busy enjoying Daisy Duke and Bo and Luke to care.  

Imagine what would have happened in World War II if we had a nation of overly sensitive children going off to fight the war or work the factories.  We would have had people protesting the unethical killing of civilians in France or Germany?  I live about 5 miles from a prisoner of war camp.  Would we have been protesting that as being unfair?  Here is the thing, war isn't fair or kind or pretty and people die. The Germans sure we're not worried about being kind in the concentration camps.  Our soldiers had enough to worry about without a bunch of cry babies protesting the loss of copper for their bracelets to bullet making.   That generation did not complain, they got things done.  They picked themselves up when they fell.  They didn't worry about saying "Merry Christmas!" to someone.  They said it and moved on and they sure didn't care what was on the paper coffee cups.  They were probably Styrofoam anyway because nobody had started protesting that yet....for the environment.   Save a tree people, make your coffee at home and take it with you in a reusable cup that says "Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Easter, and God Bless America!" 

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