Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blog Update: It's Ok Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

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It's Ok:

*That I get very little sleep when the Rangers play West Coast Baseball.  Sleep is over-rated.  Maybe not.

*That I am terrible about responding to blog comments without my phone.  I apologize and ask that you all cut me a break until my new phone comes.  This old iPhone is so slow.

*That I nominated myself for sister of the year for giving my brother the pre-sale code for ALCS tickets.

*That I bought a light for my bike and completely forgot it at home last night. Red heads have blond moments too.

*That I smiled when driving home from Horseshoe trail. I was coming up Dove Loop and the hill from you-know-where that always made me curse on Saturday morning Team in Traning runs brought back good memories. 

*That it is funny how sometimes the things that make you struggle like running hills are some of your most fond memories!

*That I have been a little lacking on being stricked on my diet the last two weeks.  I am going to buy Chicken and veggies this weekend.  Time to get serious before the holidays.

*That I made a promise to myself that I would actually do some form of excecise that isn't biking twice a week.  I need to get some weight training in.  I am a little one dimensional right now.

*That I am going to be sending my mother to a bike store with a list for Christmas.  This will be fun!  Hey, my brother has been sending her to Bass Pro Shop for years.

*That yet again, my blog has a lot of bike talk in it. I guess I could talk politics or religion but nobody really wants to hear my opinions there and everyone probably knows my sports opinions.  (Texas Rangers, Longhorns, Notre Dame, Peyton Manning, Dirk Nowitzki.)

*That I am making Chili tonight for an office Chili Cookoff tomorrow and I refuse to listen to the Texas No-Bean bullies! (You know who you are!!)

*That I have made peace with the fact that I will be taking Defensive Driving for that stupid "I swiped my Cell Phone in a School Zone" ticket.  I now make myself put my phone away. "Hello, my name is Laura and I am a recovering Texter and Driver".

*That I am suffering seriously from "I want to be outside having fun not in the office working accidents." 

So, what is Ok with you this amazing fall day?

Happy Thursday All!  It is almost the weekend!



Micah said...

OMG. I'm dragging this week thanks to these West Coast games. If the race wasn't so close, maybe I'd feel OK going to bed earlier. Who am I kidding? Those are my boys. I stay up to watch.

I need to do some different workouts too. I'm so focused on running right now, but I know I need to diversify a little. Yoga on Tuesdays is a start. I need to figure out some weight training.

I am so glad you put your phone away when you're driving now. I'm sure you're a safe driver, but no need to have that kind of distraction. I'd kind of like to have you around for awhile longer. :)

Yum chili ... with beans!!!

DoxieDoodle said...

Haha! Thanks Micah! I have to make it up to Iowa next summer to ride with you after all.
I admire you the running. I want to get back to that one day too. Sigh.
I would bring you some Chili but it is a little far. :)

Nicholl Vincent said...

haha love the redheads have blonde moments too

New follower! Have a great day! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot and say hi!

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