Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday's Blog: Motivation Monday

There are different kinds of motivation. It's labor day so (Happy Labor Day!). I spent Sunday cleaning and reorganizing my closet. Well, one of them. I got rid of somewhere in the neighborhood of 125 pair of shoes. I thought I would share some photos of the fruits of my labor. (See what I did there?)

I installed the hangers for some of my handbags. So happy to find the floor in my closet again.

In the process I found some things I.forgot I had.

Both these pair of shoes are favorites. I don't wear them often. I lost them in the chaos of my closet. They have been recovered.

This pair is being donated.

I have only worn them two times and both times were in 1988. It is time they find someone else to live with. Clearly I need to move on.

While I was cleaning I found a pile of old cloths. My fat-fat cloths. I thought I had gotten rid of these long ago. Here in lies the other type of motivation. The type that will make me get back on the bike today. The type that will make sure as soon as this holiday weekend is over my diet gets super clean again. Why, because of this:

In this photo with my bad 'I have been cleaning closets all day hair and no makeup' I am wearing 2 pair of pants. One pair you can't see and one pair, unbelievablely you can see way too much of. I used to sleep in those and they used to fit. I sent this picture to a friend last night saying I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. Being a really good friend he sent me a message back saying he was so proud of me and I should have no negitive feelings just be proud of myself. He is right. It is hard sometimes because it makes me sad thinking of how unhappy I used to be. That person is gone and life, like Laura is only getting better.

Okay, I'm going to find a trail and kick up some dust and I have some really good stories to tell you later this week about my crazy Saturday ride. If you have never met mountain bikers, they are the nicest people.

Happy Labor Day! Eat some burgers and have some mad fun!


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