Monday, September 17, 2012

Blog update: Mobile Monday

You aren't really getting what's on my phone mostly because I broke my phone yet again (it isn't me, I swear it is that stupid volume button on the HTC phone). I decided to go back to an iPhone but until I get a new one I am stuck with my old iPhone 3. Oh lord is 3G slow!
So I carry my iPad with me. Um, yay.

Saturday I was suppose to hit River Legacy again but my all day migraine decided against a bike ride so I spent a great deal of time sleeping. I hate days like that. Sunday I woke up with the same headache but the storm came in and somehow this actually helped. I don't understand it, I just go with it. So it was Rangers time.

I look a little scary but you try looking cute after sitting at the park for two hours in the rain waiting for the game to start only to have a steady drizzle for 8 out of 9 innings. I stayed. I was alone. I was cold. We won. It was a big win. I sit here with a runny nose and I would do it all over. Just know I am prepared. I have a Z-pack on standby.

There was a post game concert. I have no clue who the group was (Casey Donahew Band) but I took some pictures for my friend Chance because he loves them and he forgot to get tickets to the game. (David did. Whatever)

Sorry they aren't better, Chance.

These are cool. There was a rainbow over the Ballpark and I managed to get some kind of awesome shots. I'm taking this as a good sign for the Rangers!

(Yes, the last one is a different shot from the other)

Happy Monday!

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Monica said...

Aside from soaking in the rain sounds like a good time

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