Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

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I'm not going to lie, I have had a really tough week for a variety of reason. Capped off with I got pulled over yesterday in a school zone with my cell phone in my hand. That is a $300 ticket. I wasn't texting. I had swiped my screen to see the time but that is enough. The cop was right there. So dumb. That's not ok. However, this is. New rule, I don't touch my cell phone in the car. Actually, I have made another new rule about my phone....are you ready? This is going to come as a shock to my friends. I am stepping away from the phone. $300 is a hard lesson to learn. It is a lot of money and honestly, it is money I don't have. It is my playoff money.  My tickets are paid for (Thanks Mom...but I will be paying her back for awhile) I am putting away the phone and I am spending time with people. No more Tweeting at the Ballpark. No more Tweeting when I am out with friends. Actually, I am just taking a break from Twitter. That's OK!! I need a break from Twitter for many reasons. Mostly, I am just burned out.

So, here is what is OK with me this week:

*Sometimes you have to let yourself fail and that's OK. This is really hard for me.

* It's OK to ask for help. I can't always do it all. I have to accept that I am actually NOT Wonder Woman.

* It's OK that I was right down the street from the DORBA training Saturday and still couldn't find it. I     should have just gone to wake my friend Rachel up since she lives over there and had her show me.

* It's OK that two out of the last three times I have taken my bike out, I have ended up with a flat. The first time I met Ted and he showed me how to change a tire tube. The second time....I changed my own tube and I am so proud of that!

* It's OK (and Funny) that bikers would say I am doing it right.  They say that when you get a flat and they say that when you fall off your bike.  They are really the coolest/nicest people on the planet earth. I honestly think they are the hippies from the 1960's just channeled into a new medium.

* It's OK that I didn't watch one single minute of Cowboys football last night and got on Twitter for about 2 minutes saw people arguing about Rangers, Cowboys, & politics and got off. I watched the Rangers the old fashion way, just me, the dogs, and the TV. Ok, so my friend Khyrstal and I may have texted one another a little but it was about what a crappy day I had and how crazy I am. :)- (That's OK, by the way).

*It's OK that I finally got some sleep last night and I am thrilled. It had been 3 days. I am not fun to be around when I am overly tired. I tend to cry about everything. You should have seen what a hot mess I was after getting that ticket. I cried all the way to work! Sleep helps...I'm fine today.

*it's OK to think you want one thing and decide you would rather have something else after all. It is a woman's perogative to change her mind, after all.

*it's OK to be addicted to Smart Water and be personally responsible for getting other people addicted to it too. I watch the sales and buy it on sale. I LOVE this stuff. Best water ever.

*it's Ok that I'm going to see the Frisco Rough Riders playoff game tonight with my friend Rachel even though all the best players are in Kansas City now. My company gave us tickets and we always have fun out there.


*it's OK I can't ride my bike before tomorrow because Saturday I will be on it with my friend Khrystal for about 6 hours. We have a training class Saturday morning and trail tour Saturday afternoon. I am expecting tired legs Sunday and that's OK!

So, what's OK with you?

Happy Thursday!!! We almost made it!


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