Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Addiction: I may have a you?

These are my watches. No these aren't all of my watches. These are my favorites....well really yes, but also my best. I have a couple others that are those cheap $10-$25 funky fashion jobs you buy for fun...ok several of those.

So let's recap, shall we? I like shoes, handbags, watches, Texas Rangers stuff, bells, baseball, being outside, and yes I like shopping. Not the crowds and the pushing and the grumpy December 23rd shopping at Walmart. Not the Saturday shopping at Walmart. Ok, not any day shopping at Walmart.

A moment here please, Dear Ghost of Sam Walton: you created a monster. This is by and far the Mecca for all crazy, half naked, she/he should never wear that in public, 'couldn't you at least have changed out of your PJ's/Swimwear/too tiny everything before you went to the store', rude, haven't bathed in a week, "we make Duck Dynasty look boring", What exactly IS that people on earth! That isn't even the employees! Most of them are exhausted, afraid of the nuts they have coming through the line or haven't cracked a smile since you died kinda gals. The old guys and girls at the doors don't count and neither do most of the guys in hardware and sporting goods. They rock! Honestly though, this place is shopping hell on Earth!

Ok, so back to the liking shopping. There is a sort of rush you get when you buy something you really want or find something you have been looking for a long time. You know the rush I mean? The excited, happy, joyous feeling of triumph especially when you know you are getting the perfect thing and at a great deal! You wait in line to get to the front of the store and the anticipation builds. When you finally reach the front you are nearly jumping out of your skin! The cashier says "Did you find everything you needed" and you say "why yes, thank you" trying to sound calm but wanting to do a hand spring even though you know you will fall on your face and end up in the ER. You pay, you load, you go home and the drive home you are singing every song on the radio like you just got all four judges to turn around for you on The Voice!!!! You are in top of the world. Life is good. You get home and unpack your purchase. You are so happy.
You slaughtered the beast. You won the prize. You fell in love. Your team finally won the World Series. You just conquered the world!

Six months later that thing may or may not be sitting forgotten in the closet but today, TODAY, you scored!

That's my story....the story of addiction. "Hello, I am Laura and I am a shopaholic."

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