Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is it Just Me????

So I thought I would write a quick little blog this morning about some silly things going through my mind. It's a cavernous jumble now that baseball season has ended for my favorite team and I am left debating on who's bandwagon to jump on...Boston or Cleveland I am really counting on you!
-easy open band-aids impossible to open?? What is this? Half the time I can't get this open when I am not bleeding and in pain so how am I suppose to do it when blood is gushing mine or worse a crying kids?

- am I the only one who has waking nightmares about Final Destination type "accidents" happening...Like when you hear things rolling around in the back of your SUV or have to stick your hand down your sink to clear something in the disposal..,for example?
-does anyone else have a radio alarm that goes off and have the ability to sleep through it and just incorporate whatever is being said on the radio into dreams when exhausted. This leads to some really screwed up dreams but explains why Adam Levine has been a regular in mine. Hey, that's my story!
-does anyone else feel like we may be one country but the culture of the states are distinct and very different. I have to deal with a lot of them and there are several that I would love to visit but I know from the mindset of the entitled people I deal with on a regular basis that I would never live there.
-is anyone else stuck this morning thinking "How is it only Wednesday?" Okay this one I know isn't just me but man, oh man, what a crappy week!!!

Right now I really want to be out in the country somewhere with a cup of hot coffee and a big hand in mine and a long walk in the woods ahead of me while I look at nature at it's finest and thank God for all the beauty He Created!!!! Happy Hump Day!
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Katie said...

Not Boston!!!!!!!! I'm on the Cleveland bandwagon-- I love me some Nick Swisher. :)

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