Monday, September 30, 2013

What do Christian Concerts, Weddings and Gutting Hogs have in Common???

It's Sunday Night and I am writing my weekend roundup after a warm shower and with a happy smile on my face at what was, really an amazing weekend all the way around! (Also a sleeping pill so this will post Monday!)

Friday night started the weekend off with a little Steven Curtis Chapman concert with Jason Gray and Laura Story joining in. Christian Concerts tend to be just a little different because the artists usually include prayer and a cause. If you don't know who Steven Curtis Chapman is all I can say is listen to his song called Cinderella. It makes me cry every time. I know the story behind it so it becomes even more heartbreaking and hopeful but for every little girl who grew into a woman and who ever had a daddy, for every woman who has a daughter and husband, for every father who has a much power!

I went to the concert with Rachel, Chance, Eric, Khrystal and Trish and we had a really nice time. The seats were great and I left the way I always do when I spend a night with my focus on Him. Feeling peace. I'm sure that feeling had little to do with the fact the Texas Rangers won and kept their playoff hopes alive for a AL Wildcard. Not that any of us knew that of course because all 6 of us although BIG Rangers fans only checked the score once...a song...each!

Saturday I spent they early part of the day with my mom and my nieces preparing for my brother's wedding. First up was Mani-Pedi lunch!

Then it was back to grandma's to get dressed and ready to go. We met up with big brother and daddy there.

And everyone got married and 2 families became one. One big family of 6! I am excited to get to know my knew nephews and expand the family more and this "Brady Bunch" while they have their hands full, I can honestly say my new sister in law seems incredibly ready to handle it. Many prayers and much love!

Saturday night and Sunday:
After the wedding I headed out to meet up with a a friend and do things I never thought I would field dress a hog. Ok, so the long and short is, I am a sucker for a man with puppy dog eyes! So when he was trying to dress this (Nasty/Disgusting/Mud Covered/Stinky) wild boar in the rain and needed help how could I say no?
I will save you from the dead animal pictures as I always find them well...for lack of a better word, yucky!!! I am not a hunter and I don't know if I could shoot something but I will say this, the wild hog population in Texas is out of control and the animals are to the point were in some towns they are invading parks and golf courses. They multiply so fast even the hunters can't really make a dent but when you see first hand the damage these animals do to someone's land as I have and you start to read how destructive they are to other animals like deer and raccoons then you may feel like I do. My grandpa raised pigs and my friend has been telling me for months "These aren't Grandpa's pigs." Well, after reading and coming across them in person and seeing them up close and seeing the incredible damage they have done, I have to agree. So, until the Aggies have a more humane sterilization solution that doesn't effect the rest of the corn eating animals in the world, Go Hunters!

Oh....and I wasn't ignoring the Rangers during all this they were on a little thing I like to call a win streak to force a game 163 for a chance at the Wildcard Monday!!! Let's GO Rangers!!!!

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Rachel said...

I did think it was funny we were all checking the game during the concert. LOL. Addicts. All of us. :)

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I feel like we may need a 12-step program now that the season is over. I had to convince myself last night it was ok not to watch baseball! :(

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