Monday, September 2, 2013

Mobile Monday: Labor Day WEEKEND!

If you caught my blog this weekend I mentioned I am getting my Camaro fixed. Here she is on the day I bought her.

With the help of a friend I cleaned her out this weekend and I have her ready to be picked up Tuesday. Time to see if we can get her ship shape.

I found a weekend option for my iPhone! My normal cover is a Texas Rangers version, of course.

I spent some time in the country this weekend and while a lot of it was spent working I did get a little time for my 2nd shooting lesson. Again, let me be clear, I shot at nothing that wasn't paper and I intend to never shoot anything with perhaps an exception of a slithering creature.

I checked in on my common garden spider friend. It has moved to another side but it was still going strong.

We came across two of the most beautiful deer Saturday morning and got to see them just as they were spooked by out truck and darted but oh they were gorgeous and those white tails were flying. They amaze me in their beauty! Deer and horses....simply take my breath away.

I looked and was a hot mess!

And ended up pretty burned. My friend tried twice to tell me to put sunscreen on but I think the heat was messing with my brain because for some reason I thought I wouldn't need it in a field in 105 degree weather.

I also caught a Ballgame....Sunday in the daytime which was hot! No really. 102-104 depending on the inning.

Me with my mom....we had a good time even if my team was playing ugly.

Sunday I spent cleaning and a little QT with a friend. I included this photo to prove yes, you can actually see the top of my fridge! Neat, organized, and cleaned off.

Now all I have to do is everything else on the thing at a time! Happy Tuesday!

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Rachel said...

You should have called me about that burn, I have Mary Kay after sun cooling gel, it works wonders!

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