Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend Update: Running Away

I thought about writing an earth shattering weekend recap but the truth is....I am just to tired. So I thought I would share just a little of the amazing fun and a little work mixed in starting with the adorable cow who was walking down the road Sunday morning. Just walking. No idea where it thought it was going.

It's hard to really appreciate what I am trying to share here but mostly it is a bunch or deer and wild pig tracks that go right by the deer blind on my friends place.

This is the 270 rifle I shot this targets. I really am not sure how to explain this whole gun thing. They scare the crap out of me and yet they are really amazing fun to shoot too.

4 of these are mine, I have to admit rifles are a lot easier to shoot straight and a lot more terrifying all at the same time. Still, as you can see....I still shoot paper. It's fun and I will admit it is always possible I will take out a snake but I still see Wilbur when I look at pigs even the feral hogs.

Speaking of wildlife I thought I would share a list of some of the animals who graced my weekend:
20 (or so) feral hogs, 2 deer, 1 road runner, 1 squirrel who thought I was after his or her nuts and thought seriously of dive bombing me...I saw it in it's eyes, several cows including the photogenic ham up above, a bobcat who darted through the woods, a coyote who wailed at night, a couple of dogs running around interstate 30 and of course Sadie and Ries.

I will not list the creepy crawlies although I did have a praying mantis who seemed to want to be friends and a bunch of spiders, none of whom were Charlotte.

I really mean what I am about to write: working hard on land and spending time outside is not nearly as exhausting when you are surrounded by God's creatures. I could live in the country if I could have my cup of coffee while watching the deer play on a Sunday morning. I didn't even miss baseball or football. Not even a little bit. I didn't see a minute of games until Sunday and that's ok.

Happy Monday!

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