Monday, September 9, 2013

Mobile Monday: Redneck Heaven

I am so happy to announce Skye has found a new home. In all the excitement of getting the Camaro out of the garage and getting the repairs underway I found the perfect place for her in the garage.

Then I went to Bass Pro Shop to do some Bachelorette Party Shopping. It was actually the 1st of two trips this weekend.

This was my purchases for the bride to be. A Camo Cami, a Doe in heat caller and something called doe in estrus which is basically doe in heat pee. Lol there is a nice fresh water pearl necklace and earrings to make up for the funny gifts but I just couldn't help myself!

Ready to party!

The bag was from Bass Pro too!

My sister-in-law to be is a great sport and we had a great time with the gifts!

She actually hunts so she knew what it all is. I am so happy my brother picked a winner, y'all!

Sunday I had my buddy come over to help me with a few projects and one of the things he helped out with was replacing a light fixture that was broken before I moved into the house in 1999. I am so appreciative of this! Not only that but thanks to a tip from a co-worker who use to work in the plumbing industry we managed to fix my disposal instead of replacing it and my sink is draining perfectly for the first time in 8 months. This was an amazing day.

We went back to Bass Pro and I found out I don't hate it when I go with someone who knows the place. I never knew there were ducks and fish in the store. Alive and kicking.

Finally, I want to take a minute today to thank all the guys out there who work hard, turn up their sleeves, get dirty, and aren't afraid to use the muscles in their body as well as their minds. They are a rare and under-appreciated breed of gentlemen cowboys, rednecks, farmers, and just plain old good men. Thank you for being wonderful.

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