Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Thinking

I know, I know..."where is Laura?" "What the heck is Laura doing?" said no one ever! Well, Laura has been spending her weekends spying on doe and buck kissing because they do it right.....and because well aren't they cute???

And spending her weeknights doing really fun stuff like cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and finding out I own a turkey roaster and a Fry Daddy! Who knew? I still own both but about 90% of that plastic crap is now gone, gone, gone!

I have been shopping, of course! Don't you just love my camo shoes??? I mean could you die from how cute?

I went to the land last weekend and shot a deer rifle and got this amazing take home prize! Lol

I made funny faces and sent them to silly people...because well, they deserve the dumb side of me and frankly I just don't care how stupid I am!

So here is what I am thinking this Thursday:

*Sometimes I make life way too complicated. No, it's true. I try to look ahead instead of just love where I am right now and where I am right now is a pretty amazing a place. I need to take a minute and appreciate the gift of now and the special people that God has put in my life.

*I worry way too much about things I can't control. I know in my heart that God will work things out so I don't know why I continue to let worry eat me up. I should live by my faith in Him, shouldn't I?

*Having a bad day doesn't mean everything is bad, it means a day is bad. I can't let it ruin my week.

*Knowing you have someone who loves you and loving that person is a truly amazing gift. I never take for granted how truly special that is.

*I am never going to stop trying to become better. I may fail 300 times but I will keep trying!

We can all use a little luck! My special someone gave me some buckeyes for luck and told me to take one to work. This is the one I have on my desk. It makes me smile.

Happy Thursday! We are going to make it now!

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Jessica said...

Aww those deer are so cute :) And I am glad I am not the only one who has like 5000 pieces of tupperware - no idea what to do with them so I just shove them in a box and hide them away!

Raewyn @ Be A Warrior Queen said...

Buckeyes!!! ;)

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I have about 3000 less pieces. I through about 6 bags of stuff out of my kitchen this week! I don't even want to think about the stuff that was in there but let's just say that it is likely there were paycheck stubs that were original to the year I bought the place in 1999. Sigh!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

That's for luck not your university....IJS lol

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