Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stress Is.....

In life you have moments.  Moments you never had before.  Buying a car or house for the first time is one of those moments.....and then you try selling one. 

Selling a house is an experience all special and horrible on it's own.   First, there are things you know is wrong with your house.  I mean, you live there.  You know the door that squeeks or the toilet runs or maybe the crack that is in the foundation that you kept meaning to have someone look at but never got around too because it was small.....and you are single and it was all so damn overwhelming in itself.   You know that.  What you didn't know is that all that furniture that you love along with all the wine glasses that you adore and all the sports stuff and the cute things that granted, really need dusting but dang they are cute and some of them, like the bells and stuffed animals you have been collecting since you were a little girl.  That is about fourty years for those of you keeping score at home.  Well apparently....those things aren't cute or adorable or even awesome to other people...no they are CLUTTER!

So last night I had a sweet friend I have known since 2005 come over and look at my house and she very lovingly told me....get rid of half your stuff and clean everything from top to bottom.  When you have done that, paint and think about tile and carpet in the half of your house that has concrete floors and well, about that foundation and landscape.   My head is spinning.   My life is spinning.  

There will be a storage unit for some of my stuff for sure because everyone may not appreciate my china cabinet full of wine glasses but I do and it took me 15 years to get a matching bedroom set so even if I have to put one piece of it away to sell the house, I am not losing my bedroom set.  I tend to like my house comfortably cluttered...I prefer to think of it as country cozy.   That may not be for everyone.  I admit the bedrooms were out of control with extra pieces thrown in.   I am afraid to let go.  Yes, even of those fabricated pieces I bought in college from Target and Walmart but I think I can let them go now! 

The romantic in me wants my sweet little house to go to a young woman just starting out who is growing her life and making her way just like I was 14 years ago when I bought it.  Just like the lady I bought the house was before me.   The house has a history of being owned by single women who love it and make it theirs and then pass it down to another single woman to take care of.  I have amazing neighbors who are sweet, funny and will be the perfect watch dogs for a young single lady.   I know I can't control that part but that is how I see it in my head.   My sweet little house needs a good future because it has been good to me and it is providing me with an amazing ability for a good future.   I am scared.  I am overwhelmed.  I am excited.  I have packing to do so if my friends don't hear from me....call the landscaper or the plumber.  They will know where I am.

Oh, if you are buying me a Christmas present....I like all variety of Lowe's gift cards.   Just saying!


Adam Gordon said...

Good luck with selling that. I bought my condo 6 years ago. I thought it was a perfect first home owning experience. I can only imagine selling it would be rough when that time comes in my life.

Katie said...

Good luck with the sale! I know how much buying a house sucks, so I can't imagine selling one. But I have watched enough HGTV to know that they tell you to get rid of "stuff." It's the "stuff" that makes a house a home, but apparently not a sellable one. Lol. Hope it all goes smoothly!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Thanks....I hope I survive!!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Oh, apparently I am overflowing with HOME although she did tell me my photos in my picture collage are old enough i can leave them up....the new ones have to come down but the old ones can stay....cause they are neat and people aren't going to get distracted thinking they know me. LOL. Life is weird. When I look at houses I think to myself...."My XXX will look good here" Not God, I hate the home owners comfortor! I also have always laughed on HGTV when someone has said...."I hate this blue....green....or whatever paint" Paint is $30 a gallon....it is a CHEAP FIX!!!! Love the house? Paint a room! I may be a little bit of a DIY girl...just don't give me a budget! haha! Thanks Katie!!!

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