Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween: The Walking Dead Style

I admit I am late to this show. Really late. I watched episode one last Friday, actually. Thanks to a couple of days in bed with the crud post cancelled Jason Aldean concert (boo rain) I am now completely current.

I'm still trying to decide how I feel about Rick. When Shane was around and so bad, I knew. Rick was a hero. Now, I'm just not sure. Am I suppose to like Rick? Does anyone know?

I know how I feel about most characters on the show. I know about Hershel the way I knew about Dale.

I know about Tyreese...and I want to see more.

And of course there is Daryl. He is a badass. Who doesn't love a redneck with a heart of gold?

And a crossbow? I have to be honest. I laughed in several episodes. My bf hunts. I sent him a few texts that went something like this: Babe, Daryl says he was tracking this deer he shot for several miles but they showed it and it had 4-5 arrows in it. He shot it with a crossbow. How did he reload a crossbow and why would it take that many arrows to the neck? Answer: It's a TV show.
(Oh but I didn't let it go! No not me!!) Me: Yes but they said he tracked it for MILES! How long do deer run after being shot exactly? Answer: About 60 yards maybe. It's a TV show. (Oh but I still didn't let it go, no...not me) Me: But I know you have killed a 250 LB pig with one arrow so why would it take 4-5 to kill a deer and how did Daryl load that crossbow and shoot so fast? Answer: Laura, it's a TV show!
Me: so you're saying deer on TV are harder to kill than deer in real life?

Yep, that's basically our real conversation! Aren't you jealous of my boyfriend now??? Lol

Hope you all have a happy free candy day and get lots of Kit Kat, Snickers, Reese's, and Rolo's and if you aren't into chocolate may your bag be full of spree and sweetarts!

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