Sunday, November 3, 2013

Being thankful Plus I found What?

I decided this morning after being completely overwhelmed with my life last night and coming to terms with the loss of at least one and possibly more than one close friendship over something I neither understand nor even care to try and explain that it is time to stop seeing the mess in the closets and see the things to be thankful for so away we go!

I am amazingly grateful for the people who hurt me because without them, I am not sure I would appreciate the one who treats me like a princess. Both have changed my life. Both have made me stronger. Both have made me a better version of me. The odd thing is, the most hurtful relationships in my life haven't come from the men who broke my heart. Not even close. No, it has been the friends who walked out of my life that hurt most and who I learned the hardest lessons from. Not the ones that I just lost touch with...there are those. I mean the ones that I had a falling out with. Those are the ones that I truly learned the most from.

For my house. I am thankful for the messes and the challenges it is providing me because it is making me re-evaluate my life. What I really need vs what I just have. Too much clutter. More than that however, my house has provided me with something that a lot of my single friends don't have. Equity. It has been a struggle at times but when I look back I realize how completely worth the struggle it was. For the last 14 years I have been investing in my future instead of paying for someone else's. The cost of repairs and the stress of home ownership is completely worth it. I am proud of the decision a 28 year old me made. It was the smartest choice of my life.

In the last three months I have learned so much about myself and my relationships by watching other relationships from afar and what I realized is, sometimes things aren't what they seem and sometimes people expect too much of you but the real and lasting friends will stand back and support you and even more they will be happy for you because you are truly happy. I have some really special friends but there have been a couple that truly have been there for me or for someone I love in ways I can't ever express thanks to Trish and Sandy...thank you both for being there to help. You listened and laughed and just were there when nobody else was. So much love to you both.

Alright that gets me through days 1-3....I may not make it 30 but I will try.

Alright so I thought I would share a few things I found while cleaning out one closet:

Michael Young...I couldn't find his feet at first but eventually...

I reunited him with the shoes!

Some newspapers and magazines from days gone by. The 2010 ALCS that sent the Rangers to their first World Series brought a smile.

The Sept. 2001 stuff brought sadness.

I am serious...I didn't know I had either the light or the funny Halloween headband however...

I knew immediately my awesome neighbor Sharon needed that headband!

Okay...have to go...I still have 3 closets to tackle at some point and a lot of laundry! So thankful for a washer and dryer! :-)

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