Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fabulous Friday, Welcome to the Weekend: Cheddar fries,JFK, Baseball, and

This is officially the first blog coming to you live, live, live from my new laptop.  Try not to get excited.  I am but then again, I am also still trying to figure out Windows 8!
Tuesday night my guy and I went to dinner with my friend Trish and her guy.  It was the first time we did a 'couples' thing.  It was the first time we hung out with my friends.  It was the first time we hung out with anyone without camo being involved.  LOL.  We had a great time.  The night was awesome.  Trish is always a blast to hang out with and it was so relaxing.  I was just happy we could all sit, talk, and eat cheddar fries together and not think...just be.  Sometimes being an adult requires too much thought and not enough relaxing. 
So Wed. I got to spend my day 'off' having a EGD performed.  Thankfully, the procedure was painless.  Unfortunately, I think it totally dried out my throat because it has been a tad scratchy and I have been coughing ever since.  Aside from that, the drugs were good and I remember nothing.  I am perfectly fine, it was just a precaution for an elective procedure I am having later on.  I passed so the procedure is a go...and when it is done, I will look like Reese Witherspoon.   Okay, maybe not.
Does anyone get the greatest ideas for blogs at 3 am but, naturally, being half asleep and totally tired, can't think about writing them?  No?  Just me.  Okay then!
Today is Nov. 22.  If you live under a rock or perhaps, anywhere but Dallas, Texas you may not actually have been hit over the head with this but....President Kennedy was assassinated 50 years ago today.  Dallas is planning a memorial that requires tickets at Dealey Plaza.  The new channels here are broadcasting from 11am-1pm live and on the internet the ceremony.  Every morning all month long there has been some mention of two things on the morning shows here.  Obamacare's total failure and the JFK assassination.   Living in Dallas has been a beating.  Don't get me wrong.  I love JFK.   I was fascinated and completely enthralled with the conspiracy theory when I was a kid.  I spent my teens reading every book I could find.  I knew all the 'Magic Bullet' options from the CIA to Castro.   One day when I was 19, I was sitting at college listening to two girls discuss the subject when it suddenly struck me.  We are never going to know.  We may think we know.  There are people that still argue about who helped John Wilkes Booth with the Lincoln assassination.  The truth is, when you miss the opportunity to question, put on trial, and convict someone, you will never know.  I also realized at that point that JFK, as with anyone who ever lived, from my father to Jesus Himself, should be celebrated for their life.  Ok, maybe with Jesus there is more there but the rest of us are just regular, old, humans.  I guess what I mean is, focus on a person's life not their death.  What they really contributed is the time they spent on earth not the moments they were taken away.
You may have heard about the little trade that the Texas Rangers pulled off Wed. Night.  Ian Kinsler was traded for Prince Fielder.   I like Ian.  I am going to miss him but....this is a good trade for this team.  What amuses me to no end is how much crying over this trade I saw on Twitter.  I will admit that almost 100% of the complaints come from female fans.  I thought it was telling that even on the news Wed. Night the sports broadcaster mentioned that all the people Tweeting him unhappy about the trade were women.   Why?  Oh, I suppose because Ian is cute and he has a nice butt.   It is silly and female and really, very stupid.  I can't begin to explain female fans. I don't even follow those type of fans on Twitter.  I quit a long time ago. I get upset when the team doesn't make a move I think it should make.  I don't get upset if they don't play the cute player because the better player is available.   I don't get upset if they decide not to re-sign their closer (who I do actually think is cute) because they want to give an up and coming pitcher the role.  I hope Tanner can do it.  He is young and he is cost effective.  In the time I have been a Rangers fan, I have seen Pete Obrien, Nolan Ryan, Pudge Rodriguez, Ruben Sierra, Juan Gonzalez, Michael Young, Cliff Lee, Josh Hamilton, Charlie Hough, Sammy Sosa, and a host of other players come and go.  I learned a long time ago that the name on the front of the uniform is the only one that matters. I will miss Ian.  I welcome Prince.  He is a nice piece.  I am not going to cry because his butt isn't as pretty.   His bat is much nicer.

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