Friday, November 15, 2013

It's Friday and I'm in Love

So glad it's Friday!!

So glad!

So ready for the weekend!

To sleep in...even to 7am!

I love Friday so hard right now. Not sure why because honestly I have so much to do this weekend. The guy is going hunting (yes again...he does this all fall.) I am working on the house.
I realized this week when the perfect house went on the market that we need to move this along. This is the second house I have loved and this one even more than the first. Time to fast forward the work and get it done because working all day and coming home and working at night is a beating!

Okay, so honestly I intended this to be a photo dump/Pinterest update blog....yes, I missed the link up...for like 5 months! So without further ado...

If I ever get married...we are dancing to this song!

My guy-friend wraps Sadie in a blanket before bed. Aw!! wrong

And so funny!

So very funny!

So true....both!

Someone thinks I should replace my good glasses with these!! Ah, no!

Just because...bacon!

This was how someone left my jeep one day after Halloween. No, they really Don't ever grow up! XO

Out of the mouths of rednecks...

I am incredibly blessed because this week my lifetime best friend, my Mom, met my new best friend, my guy-friend. I have to say not only did it go really well but they like each other. This was a huge relief because I realize I am 43 but I have never brought anyone to meet Mom before. Ever. Silly??? Probably but it matters to me.

BTW, calling someone your boyfriend/girlfriend when you are in your 40's may not seem silly but it just looks silly writing it. I feel like when I put it in writing I sound like a High School kid!

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