Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Laughing it off!

Sometimes you have to just laugh it off. Today is that day. So as I am reflecting about the many things I am really thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday I have to start with humor.

It's a gift to laugh through the tears. It's a gift to be able to laugh when guy wake up and before you sleep. The best gift God has given me is to surround me with friends (yes, I still have many, many of my own dear friends who love me and know how to make me laugh) family, and a special guy who fill my life with laughter.

Tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow is the 1st of what I hope to be many holidays spent together. My little family of 3 has grown quit large over the years and now we are opening the doors for a few more. Last year we opened the doors for my brother's new girlfriend and her kids. That's old hat. They are an old married couple now. This year it's my turn. Man, am I just a bit nervous and excited.

I had the best dream last night. It was a dream of a Happy Thanksgiving with my mother's house full of kids and the kids were having fun and the kids all thought I was the bees knees. ;-)

So find a way to laugh. That's the best advice I can give. When you don't want to, laugh anyway.

Think of me...hunting this way. This is the only way I probably will ever shoot!

Finally, I want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving and if you are braving the crowds Thursday...
you're crazy.

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Heather Marie said...

Loved this post!! Sometime the best way to deal with anything is to make like of it! Have a good thanksgiving!

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