Thursday, November 7, 2013

Huge-Major-Life Altering News!!!

I have searched everywhere. I have told myself there was nothing wrong with me because I couldn't make a decision or find "the right one". I have resisted for years on settling for something that just isn't right because everyone was doing it. I finally took a leap of faith and went all in.

Let's start at the beginning. For years I have struggled with figuring out just what I need and finding it. Not too little but exactly what I want. Not too much. I mean, really a woman can get overwhelmed with what to do. There are so many choices and they come in such pretty packages but inside a lot of them just don't have the guts to back up the window dressing, so to speak. So I did what any sane woman would do...I grabbed my iPhone and my iPad and I went to baseball games and I tweeted and hung out with friends until the insecurity passed and something new showed up in my life that just knocked my knickers off.

Finally it happened. It all started in August. I was making some huge changes in my life. I started getting rid of some unwanted baggage and cleaning house to make room for the things that matter most and the people that matter most. Along the way I made the needed additions and the subtractions are taking care of themselves but one question crunch time, could I make it work? Could the magic happen? Would we find the something special that had been missing all these years?

Last week I finally decided to ask around and see what other people found that worked for them. When all was said and done I realized...we have a pretty amazing thing going here so I did it! I took the chance & said yes.

Not only did I say yes to this beauty but I finally decided it was time to stop relying on my phone and iPad and yes, Comcast will be out on the 16th to install Wifi. I know...I know! Crazy! I feel so, modern and grown up now.

So today I am thankful of my new laptop and the wifi that is coming soon! :)

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Katie said...

Haha-- you had me all worked up that this would be a post on your new beau!! Sneaky... ;)

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Oh I will introduce him eventually. He is a little shy about all this blog stuff so I am trying to be respectful of his feelings and keep it to FB.

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