Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Simple isn't....

Simple isn't simple.

I have spent countless hours trying to make my life less cluttered lately and while there are amazing products that help

Like space bags...these things can make 5 pillows and 2 comforters fit in a tiny space...the process itself is not easy. In order to clear out just a part of my linen closet I had to throw away 5 large bags of old linens. This took a good part of my Saturday. What I didn't toss had to be re-washed...goodbye Sunday. That's not really simple...is it?

So I turned to Pinterest to find help on cleaning and tricks to make life better. I found a great way to clean my glass cooktop...with baking soda. Unfortunately it is very messy and I am now a bit obsessed with my cooktop shinning. I may be driving someone crazy with my need to clean the glass...it's just a guess.

Then I checked out ultra organized women of Pinterest and while I feel the need to applaud...I also want a life that doesn't consist of a bin for everything and everything in it's bin. Good Lord, some people need a Container Store intervention!!

This morning I found myself folding laundry at 5:30...am! Who does this? I mean...I normally just you know....leave it in the dryer for a week. Not now. I am folding it like a boss...or an adult. What the heck is simple about that? I realized I need to empty the dishwasher when I get home as I sit here typing this and that is before I pack a box or two and throw out some stuff in a bookshelf and maybe see if my friends who love to read needs any new/old books. I don't feel like packing a closet full of books so what they don't want will end up at the bookstore.

I'm 43 years old and I am learning how to prioritize my life...for the first time ever. That's not easy.

Today I am grateful for:

The little things which are huge things that say "I love you". They mean so much.

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