Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Wish List

This is last Christmas...there was less of me and more Christmas decorations.

Ok so this is a Christmas wish list and I have tried to figure out what I want. The thing is, what I have is so much better than anything I could ask for that I don't know what I want.

I mean, pretty sparkly things are nice. What girl doesn't want Diamonds and perfume and stuff that makes them feel pretty? I don't need that stuff, however.

I don't want cloths. I have a ton and I just need to get back to working out so I can wear them. I don't need workout stuff. My house overflows with that!

I think we all know I don't need shoes or handbags. I mean, I realize Christmas isn't only about what I need but what I want and that is the really hard stuff.

You see, what I want is a lot harder to give.

I want my family to be happy. I want my nieces and nephews to get along and blend with their new siblings. I want the word step-brother to not exist and just be friends and family. I want my brother and new sister in law to be happy and not have meddling ex's. None of those things are likely to fit under a tree.

I want my friends to be happy and know that I love them. Near or far, that I am always on their side and I will always be there for them. They can count on me because I am a good friend and regardless of how far they moved away, I am here to lend them an ear and a hug.

I want my mom's dog to stop running out the front door. She darts out like crazy ever since Mom moved and the street is so busy and the dog is going to get hit. She almost did when I was there yesterday. Scared me. Scared the police officer parked on the corner. We both almost had heart attacks. If anyone had a solution to this, I am all ears!

I want my special someone to know how much better my life has been since he became a part of it. Oh, he is a pain in the bottom but he makes me smile and laugh every single day. I don't know how to thank him for being my sunshine. I wish I could give him the world. I wish I could make all his problems go away. I can't. So I will just listen. My wish for him for Christmas is happiness for him with his sweet family and happiness for all of his extended family. His friends are some of the best people in the world and I already love them like annoying brothers.

Aside from that I want my house to be ready to get listed soon after the New Year and I want the perfect new house to be there when we are ready to make an offer. Nothing too serious to fit under a tree, right? I mean they did it on Miracle on 34th Street!

I want my surgery in the next few weeks to go well and be a huge success because I really believe fixing this problem could help me with a slew of issues I have had basically for years.

So if Santa can fit all that under the tree this year that would be great!!! If not maybe he can just make us all remember this:

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