Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas Pinterest Style from my recovery bed.

Yes, it's Christmas Eve and Santa is getting ready to make his long ride but most important, The Christ Child is preparing for a birthday! I love Christmas. Any holiday that is centered on the birth of a child has to be an amazingly happy day.

I prepared for Christmas in a little unorthodox way. I had surgery last Thursday. I am writing a series of blogs that go into the what, why, and how so for now, just know that I am fine and I am on a restricted diet for the holidays so while everyone else lives it up, I am spending my time drinking protein shakes and eating soup and broth. It's different but it is really ok. It is what I want.

While I have been recovering I have been pillaging Pinterest. (I am incredibly annoyed with my laptop. I still can't figure out the new windows and so I just decided to copy the pins so you have the source. Cheesy but since I am posting from my iPad, it will have to do.)

I love this use of deer antlers! Don't tell my honey but I am hoping next Christmas we can do something like this with our stockings!

I have to admit these pancakes make me wish I could eat breakfast! So adorable!

I am usually pretty nice but I have my naughty moments. They usually come out when someone hurts me and my mouth says exactly what it feels at the time. I try to be nice. I try not to judge others. I try to let people live their lives in peace. So I did try! Lol

Don't laugh but I believe in Santa. I believe there is a spirit to Christmas, the feeling of hope and rebirth and the love that strangers tend to exhibit. It is special to Christmas.

People are just a tad nicer and even through all the fuss they seem to feel the spirit.

Of course, it is always about the baby. The savior. Jesus. It is the happiest time of year!

This year is such an incredibly special Christmas. For the first time, I already have what I want. My Christmas came 4 1/2 months ago and again a few weeks ago when I met the most amazing man and when his daughter decided I was pretty awesome and accepted me and my crazy little dogs into her life.

So this Christmas my sweetheart and I will be going to my Mom's to celebrate the day with my family and the nieces and nephews. This weekend and next week we will be with his daughter and hopefully at sometime seeing some of his best friends and mine ringing in the New Year.

In the middle of all of this, I am recovering nicely although a little warn out and I am learning to let a man take care of me for the first time, ever. I honestly don't know what I would have done without him. So while I snuggle in to watch The Bells of St. Mary and listen to Bing sing over the snoring, I am going to thank God for all the special people who have shaped my Christmas this year and maybe I will try to figure out how to write an end of the year blog.

I am wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and hoping that you find God's gift in your life. It won't be under the tree, most likely and it may come in a form completely opposite of what you thought you wanted or needed. That's ok. God knows best and His timing is always perfect, even when it seems so off.

And if all that isn't enough...I am sharing the email I got today from Luke Bryan. It doesn't get any better that a Merry Christmas wish from him, does it?

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