Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WILW: I'm back and better than ever!

Wow has it been forever since I have written a WILW?!? Linking up with Jamie today!

I am loving so much right now I don't know where to start!


*My new kitchen faucet and the new guts in the bathroom. Having things working right and not dripping or running is such a joy!

*The wonderful light fixtures that I found and my sweetie installed.

*My ever evolving decluttered house. I have to thank my special someone for not pushing me but letting me make my own decisions about what to toss even though he has his own ideas and I know he tossed something out I didn't see. XO

*The tickets I scored for the Dallas Stars game this weekend! Fun times all around will be had!

*Knowing I am loved. It is an amazing feeling.

*My family and friends for being there and supporting me through everything the last....ever but especially the last 5 years. There have been some hard times in there and I have been a crazy B during that time, occasionally.

*Great doctors and healthcare in this country. Even when health insurance sucks there are some amazing Doctors out there and I think I have found a great surgeon and I know my MD and Dentist are tops!

*My co-workers who see the ups and downs daily. I'm a bad poker player and when I am struggling with stuff outside even though my demeanor may not show it, my face usually does. My co-workers are amazingly supportive and always there to send a smile.

*Twitter- for a long time I felt my Twitter game was off. For a while I was worried about avoiding hurt from someone I kind of dated then I was worried I was being judged by some friends for stuff that really, I realize now, isn't their concern to begin with. Finally, what I realized is maybe these people just never really knew me and they don't like me now because I am me. Whatever the issue, I am not worried about it anymore and I am back to being me on Twitter and I just don't care anymore who unfollows me. (Ok, if my guy unfollows we will have a talk)

*The new confidence I have gained. My doctor told me last week being happy is the best medicine and it can make up for a lot of the stress we live with daily. It also had given me a sense of self that I lost a long time ago. The happiness project, thank you Jesus, for knowing better than I do, what I need!

These quotes:

*I admit I am nowhere near the "forgiveness" point with some situations right now but I hope to get there soon, not for the other people involved as much as myself. I moved on but I want peace.

*O come Emmanuel! I love that song. It makes me feel like Christmas.

The grand finale at Thanksgiving! I can't go without mentioning one last time how great a job the women in my family did in meal prep and the yum on this table!

Deer steak or venison for you fancy folks. OMG is it good. Sorry Bambi.

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