Monday, May 19, 2014


We had an amazing weekend! We had a Saturday filled with shopping, fishing and friends and a Sunday filled with baseball. The weekend was perfect and filled with happiness. I like when our family weekends are peaceful and happy and they usually are.

I know I have been kind of lazy about blogging lately but that is really because work is super stressful and I am just trying to make it day to day. By the time I get home I am emotionally exhausted and I just want to be brain dead which is exactly how the Texas Rangers have been playing baseball lately, by coincidence.

Ok, this isn't my first official Mountain Bike Monday but...I am in the process if setting up a Mountain Bike date. I know, it's a huge step! I reached out to one of my friends and told her we really need to go ride and catch up so I think this is going to happen! I am so excited!!!

Alright that's all I got. Short and sweet. Happy Monday!

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Brittney, Breaking Free said...

Monday is the devil Im dragging this morning

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I just realized next Monday is a holiday and am now giddy!

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