Thursday, February 13, 2014

Not another sappy Valentine's Day Blog?

Happy Valentines day!
I hope everyone knows how very loved they are today!

I have been thinking a lot about this blog and no, I am not going to share how wonderful my guy is or how we met or our love story and I am not even going to share romantic Valentine's plans. You can all relax!

Instead I am going to share a few things I learned about love and relationships between last Valentine's day and today.

Until last year I truly hated Valentine's day. It was so hard being single and seeing everyone get flowers and make big plans.
Then last year a friend of mine very sweetly changed that and sent me flowers. I was in a very bad place and it was just the pick me up that I needed. I felt special for the first time in my life.

Relationships are complicated sometimes, even friendships and unfortunately that friend is not in my life this year. Things happen, stuff is said, people leave.

But they don't always. This year is totally different. This year I know I am loved and that's awesome. Still, relationships are complicated! I don't know who said that if the relationship is right it isn't work. That's crap! All relationships are work!

Love is work. Friendships are work. Parenting is work. Owning a dog is work. If you don't work on them, they die.

What I have learned is that no matter near or far, in your life or remains. I still love some people who aren't in my life but sometimes distance creates vision and you realize you can love someone and not be a part of their life and you may even realize it is better that way, for you.

I have learned that instead of concentrating on what I lost, it is much healthier to concentrate on what I have. I have so much!

I have learned that every hurt makes you stronger. Every betrayal makes you appreciate the people who have always been there for you and always will. Every knock down is an opportunity to pick yourself up. Every friendship isn't equal. Every lover doesn't leave. Every bad thing that happened in the past doesn't have to hurt today. Everyone who loves you isn't going to shatter your heart. I have learned to trust someone in a way I never trusted before. I have learned that sometimes you can give too much to people who don't deserve it, friends or lovers.

Most of all, I have learned that every real relationship only works if you learn to compromise and have faith that you can overcome any problem if you work together and you both want to make things work.

Living in a box, cut off from everyone else with your heart wrapped in bubble wrap isn't a possibility so you have to become smart about who you invite into your life and who you allow to effect it.

Finally, I have learned that sometimes love really does show up when you aren't looking and don't really want it and that can be the best gift of your life, if you take a chance.

Happy Valentine's Day! May your heart be filled with the love that surrounds you!

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