Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up Super Bowl Editon

This weekend was all about the Super Bowl. I spent the day Friday cleaning and cooking. I then spent Saturday and part of Sunday cooking. We were suppose to have as many as 16 people over to my small little house.

Unfortunately the weather in DFW decided to sleet and this kept some friends to the north and east away. Still we had an amazing turn out! We also had lots of food! There was pulled pork and chili (made by my roomie), sausage rotel dip made with my secret ingredient, buffalo chicken dip (which I find way too rich but which several people loved!) my homemade corn and black bean salsa, a recipe I created using a bunch of other recipes and tweaking to my preference, my homemade guacamole which is always a hit, BBQ meatballs, tomatillo salsa (made by my roomie), a warm sweet onion dip which I had never made before but thank you Pinterest for the idea, French onion dip which I added fresh onions too and spices because well, it makes it better, summer sausage, cheese cubes, crackers, chips, and the most amazing desserts from the strawberry cheesecake dip I made which you dip Nilla wafers or mini graham crackers in, to cookies, cupcakes, and chocolate cake that my guests brought.

If you got lost somewhere in there, come over and help us eat the leftovers! I may have over cooked but everyone left happy and full even if the game was a disappointment! I loved spending the SB with some great friends and my little family and even though we missed a special kiddo or 9 we had a blast.

So, how was your Super Bowl Sunday? Were you sad for Peyton like I was? I was happy for Golden Tate however and Russell Wilson who I am sure can retire from football now to concentrate on his Baseball career with the Texas Rangers! Did you do something else and ignore the game?

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