Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let's talk Naked!

I went to Ulta to get some new foundation a few weeks ago and ended up getting the Naked eye kit from Urban Decay. Then a few weeks later I lucked in to the last Naked 3 kit. I am just waiting to come across the Naked 2 so my eye life will be complete!

Here are my color palettes:

Today I am wearing they Naked 3 collection.

I swear I am not cross eyed but an eye selfie is tough!

And here is the full frontal. Pretty, if you ask me. These shadows have great staying power. I like that the dark colors serve as liner! Oh, I finally got my new do!! I love it!

I have two foundations I love. Naked and Lancolm and I tend to stick to those brands with everything except lipstick and mascara. I am forever in search of perfect mascara. It's an obsession!

One last fashion photo because well, I am not a fashion blogger but I am working on my Opening Day nails:

Here is look one: blue polish & red glitter.

Happy Thursday!

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