Wednesday, January 21, 2015


If you follow along you know I became obsessed with Serial and podcast and this led me directly to  Not only does Audible sponsor a lot of podcasts but listening to books and podcasts has become my way of entering my mind while I work, cook, drive, and in the all too rare times, work out.  

Audible is easy to download and yes there is an app for it that transfers anything I get online to my phone.  Best of all, they have daily deals and sometimes you can get a book for $2 or $3 that you really want to "read" anyway.  

I am in-love with as much as I am in love with some of my true crime type podcasts.  The only suggestion I have for anyone wanting to listen to a book is that if you pick something with a ton of detailed info, it may not be the right book to listen to.  I purchased "It Starts with Food" on audible but found it way too hard to take in all the information they included without giving it complete attention so I can ended up just getting  e book to read.  

That's ok because apparently audible will change out any book you download and realize it isn't what you wanted, although I haven't figured out that part yet.  

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