Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wordpress or Blogspot that is the question

Question of the day

In an effort to run a better blog, I have spent a lot of time reading blogs on tips, listening to podcasts, signing up for emails and working on my blog product.  My goal is to increase following and page views, meet new bloggers, become engaged with people and hopefully to share positivity and a little DIY here and there.  Eventually, I hope to turn Simply Me into a business but I hesitate about ads and sponsorship. Am I selling out? 

I see a lot of back and forth on the platform and who to use, blogspot or Wordpress.  I am curious about changing.  I even set up a Wordpress account to get ready for the change (the free one) and then I chickened out.  

So tell me, what are the advantages of Wordpress?  How did you feel when you started thinking of your blog as a business instead of just a place to share and grow? What are your tips for blog success? 

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