Friday, January 23, 2015

Blog Redo Circa 2015 and Rangers BABY!

Forever, and ever, and ever I have been trying to figure out how to get a menu bar at the top of my blogger.  Silly, I know but it is something I never had time to look into.

For 2015 I really wanted to simplify my life and part of that was doing a really simply Blog redo. (How do you like the cleaner, newer, fresher me?)

So I googled, I you-tubed, and I finally figured out how to make that silly menu bar work for me!

Now if I could just figure out the gadget I need to get all my social media in one cute little box on the side with the right buttons to get everyone to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and how to make a button for my blog, (I figured out the button just my picture now works as a button!) my blog life would be fulfilled.  ;Yes, I played with it all at lunch and figured it out! Well, as much so as it can be until I actually take the leap and pay someone to redo the whole blog.  That is coming in the future but right now, we have things like water pipes to fix and floors to refinish so priority isn't a new-fancy blog design.

I am not promising this is the final 2015 change, only that whatever 2015 holds in store for my blog, it will be much easier to navigate.  I am putting my blog big-girl panties on and getting ready to launch a whole new side of this blog.

Make sure to check out some of my favorite blogs where I give a shout out to the women who inspire me to be a better blogger and are just some awesome friends.  A few don't even know I exist but they give me all kinds of crazy ideas and I wanted to share.

So, it is almost the weekend and while I have been busy working on my blog in my freetime...

I haven't forgotten to plan for some weekend time.  Except that my weekend time is going to be rudely interrupted by work.  Yes, I am going to be working Saturday.   It is a general pain but a good thing in the long run!

Meanwhile, on my Twitter feed I have noticed an odd happenstance. 

There is tons of baseball talk starting to happen.  I love this time of year.  Everyone has a real hope that their team our RANGERS are going to finally put together the team that will take them all the way (back) to the World Series and win the elusive 'all'.  I am ready for the crack of the bat, the smell of the grass, the sound of balls hitting leather gloves. It is almost Time Texas!

Happy Friday all!  

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