Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm a freak!?!?

It is really interesting....being a single person in 2013.   I think my life has been relatively uneventful until now.  I have been responsible and tried to do the right thing....apparently even though I have done that, I am a bit of a freak.  I didn't realize this until T informed me a few days ago of this fact.   Men are so strange.  So, I am a freak.  I don't really know why...probably the red hair thing.  I can not tell you how many times I have been asked "Is it true what they say about gingers?"  Let me set the record straight right now.  Whatever you have heard about red heads. Whatever people have said about how freaky we are.  It is absolutely not true.  We are worse.  Okay, now that that is cleared up......

 I thought I would embrace my freakishness.

What makes me a freak?  I used to think it was being a female and being so in to sports but I met a lot of ladies who are that way and realized, that doesn't make me a freak, it just makes me really cool.

The first night T and I officially went out, I picked a place that we could watch the Rangers play.  Yu Darvish was pitching.  I admit, I didn't see much of that game.  When a guy makes you laugh and smile so much that your face actually hurts, you have to ignore baseball for a little while.  Okay, maybe that does make me a freak, I don't know.

I like ketchup and onions on my hot dog and beans in my chili.  I think that makes me a definate freak in some peoples eyes. 

I keep my good alcohol in the freezer.   I don't know if that makes me a freak or just really smart.

I know my dogs are just dogs in my head but I still refer to them as my kids and say stupid stuff like 'Come snuggle with mama.'   That is mostly just trying to get the little goobs to do what I want but I reason with them like they are people so maybe that is a little bit freaky.

I do not understand the Texas fascination with Whataburger.  I admit it. That may not make me a freak outside of the state but in the state not only am I a freak but the fact that I prefer Heinz to Whataburger ketchup may actually get me kicked out.  While we are on the subject....Dr. Pepper is fine but Cherry Coke is AMAZING!  Especially if you can find a drug store and have them make it fresh! Just saying.

I want to be a good house keeper but I want a wife to be a good house keeper for me.   If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

Okay, honestly...I really can't think of anything that makes me a freak unless you think that shrine I have to Dirk Nowitzki is odd.   Aside from that, I am pretty normal for a girl who gave her bike it's own bedroom and named her Skye.

---I feel a sudden need to add...this is a little bit tongue in cheek and T was teasing me because my dogs have their own steps and I had a bunch of books sitting on my coffee table because I had just been to the book store.  At least, I think that is what he was teasing me about.  Boys are so....male!

Happy Friday, FINALLY!!! Have a good weekend. 



Raewyn Smith said...

bahahaha!! Iman tells me I'm a weirdo all of the time. I'll just be sitting there, doing nothing, and he'll call me a weirdo!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Haha! Must be a way to show you care in man-ish!

becca said...

haha i adore you and i know i'm weird i embrace it for all that it is and beside my hubby may call me crazy but look who asked me to marry him

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

That is the greatest! I like being a little bit crazy. It makes life more fun!!! :-)

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