Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday: Mixing It Up: Mom, Men, and Babies

I didn't really do a lot exciting this weekend because I worked but....I had talked on Friday about Beerita's and I did have  one  three of these this weekend.  I am actually getting pretty good at making these at home.

I also pulled out one of my hand painted wine glasses just for fun while watching the Rangers game on Sunday.

I found the coolest app on my iphone.  It turns regular photos into any type art you want to make it. It's called ToonCamera and I think it was 99 cents.

There are several options from painting and pen and ink to charcoal and pastels.

My babies actually cooperate in letting me get photos of them for Mother's day so I took Sadie and Ries

And first made them into paintings
Then pen and ink.

I can do this myself but drawing these out, while much more fun, is very time consuming and I have to dig my sketchbooks out of the closet and find my pastels and pens and buy ink....well you can see how hitting a button right now is a tad more appealing.  (Although I really need to get that stuff out because it is way more fun doing it myself!)

Can't forget Mom on Mother's Day.   She and I go to a lot of baseball games together so for MD I got her a card and tickets to a couple of games.

Okay, this is why I called this Mixing it up.....My horoscope app which I totally downloaded as a joke but which reminds me to read it daily....Above is Sunday's and below is today's.   The odd thing about this is that these two days are pretty much right on.  Sunday I was contacted by not one but two men from my past. One situtation was that "Unanswered Prayer" situtation where I am so glad it didn't work out. The other was a man I met 11 months ago on a really bad night when I was crying at a bar over another man.  (That was so stupid of me but it happened).    The guy was incredibly sweet to me and gave me advice on the man I was trying to date at the time even, though he wanted to date me himself and I knew that.  When he contacted me yesterday, I hadn't heard from him in 10 months.   I knew he gave up on me back then because I as set on trying to see if the other guy and I could find a way to make it work.  I am kind of excited to have a second chance with this man.  He is sweet, caring, and he likes me....just the way I am.  He thinks I am beautiful and doesn't want me to change.   I told him I would be open to seeing him again and he told me that he was happy to hear that.  We will see if this goes anywhere.   Did I forget to mention he is incredibly good looking?  Oh, he is that too, but the sweet and caring was what got me. 

As for today, I know I am feeling extra sensitive to other people's problems right now and I do tend to get distracted by worry so this is not exactly news to me.  I am trying to concentrate on making myself healthier and doing it both mentally and physically. Stay tuned!

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Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Actually I think this is the Charcoal setting not the Pen and Ink. I love that medium the most. My favorite is doing a negative study meaning you cover the whole think in black charcoal and erase to create the image. It is so stinking fun and so very messy!

Jodi said...

Did you just comment on your own blog!? Bhahahaha!!! :)

You had to work on the weekend? That stinks. What do you do?

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I did! Lol. I kept looking at the pictures thinking I screwed up my blog but I was so busy arguing with myself I just didn't know!
I keep volunteering for these extra Saturdays. Normally I don't work weekends but we have been swamped and since I am salaried it isn't often we get a chance to make extra $! I am a manager at an auto insurance carrier in the claims department and people are having a lot of accident in Texas and California right now!!

Rachel said...

Look at those pictures of Aunt Rachel's sweet girls! I swear I'm coming over to see them sometime soon!

Love the pic of you and your mom!!

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