Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Welcome to my Indiana home and to the Heart of Texa

Rochester, Indiana

I didn't do a very good job on the finishing up the blog challenge but there was one challenge that I really wanted to do.  That was the one that introduced you to my childhood hometown and my current one.  They are very different places.   As you can see, Rochester, Indiana hasn't changed much over the last 100 years.

This is the town I grew up in until I was 10. It is a nice town to grow up in.  Life as a child was so simple.  You mowed the grass, road your bike to the lake or to the city pool and played in the snow.  We built snowmen and made snow angels.  We had friends next door and down the road a half a mile.  Once I was old enough...maybe 8, I would ride to my friends house.  My bike, took me everywhere. 

Every summer we had the glorious Round Barn Festival.  It was a huge event for a small town.  There were games, rides, food, and crafts.  Everything was just amazing.
This is the Round Barn that graces the Round Barn Festival every year. 
  Rochester is the county seat of Fulton County.  I thought about Rochester today and my need to share my amazing hometown because....in April, 1974 as a 3 year old, I lived through the Super Outbreak and there were 6 lives lost in Fulton County to the tornados that struck that area.   It was so loud.  It was a part of life.  We had basements. 

Lewisville, TX

Lewisville is a town north of Dallas and is part of the vast DFW metroplex.   We have parks, a lake, and a huge highway going right up to Denton.   Shopping is amazing and honestly, I love the location.   I can get to the Ballpark in 35 minutes and the AAC where the Stars and Mavs play on the DART rail which is only 10 minutes from my home.  

Lewisville has a festival every fall called Western Days.  (It's hot here in June...way too hot!)
The festival includes:

  • Three stages of live music
  • Kid Country
  • Stick horse rodeo
  • Car Show
  • Gunfighters
  • Western Market
  • Culinary Corner
  • World Tamale Eating Championship
  • Pie Baking contest
  • Cowboy Camp
  • Tailwaggers Ranch
  • Boat Show 
Yes, I took this info from the City website.

I guess there are similarities  I never realized between the two.  There is a small town feel to Lewisville at times although it isn't.  The Festival is fun and definately makes you feel more connected to the community.  Both towns are on a lake and both towns offer some very amazing natural beauty.   Old Town Lewisville looks very much like downtown Rochester.   

I am proud of my Indiana home and I love living Deep in the Heart of Texas.   Both places are incredibly special and both shaped the person I became and I really like the person I am and the place I am in my life right now.  

I hope that we can all take a moment today to stop and appreciate the simple things in our lives.  Naturally, I think of my home today as we live through a week of horrible tornadoes and so much tragedy.  Stay safe, my friends and hug someone you love.

My heart and prayers are with the people of Oklahoma today...as they have been with Texas, Boston, Newtown.


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