Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I'm Loving: Kid Stuff!

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This is my trip down memory lane kids stuff edition.

*Slug Bug:
Did you play this as a kid? Did you know there are official rules? Do kids still play this game? Ah, these are all the questions that ran through my mind when I saw a Beetle this morning! Memories of punching my brother and not getting yelled at!!! Good times.

*Hot Potato:
we played this with a balloon. Yes, we managed to play with and pop balloons when I was a kid without choking on them. Amazing, I know! We also rode our bikes without helmets, played with toy guns, and slept on our bellies as babies.   It was a dangerous and wild time!  :)

We had all night marathon battles of UNO! My dad's family was obsessed with this game! It true! When my cousin Chrissy was a baby we would stick her in the middle of the table to keep her entertained as we played a wild game of UNO with her parents.

*Chinese checkers
It's a classic, right? Kids have to still play this and other board games.

We played with cards, not the computer. There is some tactile pleasure involved in shuffling an old deck of cards, dealing them, and seeing what the world, not a computer program, gives you.

My mom's family never went anywhere without a deck of cards. My grandparents played each other for fun. They kept score. There were little pieces is paper with M and L on them and tick marks for whoever won. Serious stuff!

There were a ton of other games we played with friends: Tag, Hide and Seek, Red Rover, jump rope, Clue (my favorite) and Monopoly. I personally spent hours coloring during the summer. Naturally we rode our bikes everywhere or nowhere in particular and we went swimming and drank lemonade.

It was the simple stuff that made us the happiest. Toys came and went but we could play for hours with $5.00 worth of balloons, crayons, a coloring book, and a plain deck of cards.

This big kid got a new toy last night and I love this too! It was free with the ticket so it's still the simple stuff that makes me happy. Nolan joined Other Nolan, Wash, Nelly, Beltre, and a host of other bobbleheads after the game and it made me smile.

So, what games or toys did you love and do you still love?

Happy Hump Day!

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