Friday, May 31, 2013

Cara Box Reveal!! I am a LUCKY Lady!!!!

Can I just tell you how amazing participating in the Cara Box exchange from Kaitlyn from Wiffesionals has been? (Go sign up! Do it!!!)  I have met some truly amazing women who I would not have gotten a chance to meet otherwise!

This month I was paired with Jodi and Stacy and the exchange was so much fun. We got to pick out stuff from our region to send.  I got to send Jodi a little bit of Texas in Boston. Check out Jodi Bean's Blog to see what I sent. Side note here is that Jodi is a big Red Sox fan and she and  my friend Rachel From Randomness with Rachel are real life friends and Rachel is actually going to see Jodi today.  Small World!

My box:
Stacy from Siriusly Craftables  lives in Connecticut and named her blog after her dog Sirius who just happens to be my FAVORITE Harry Potter character! . Actually, she is from Newtown so I have been so honored to get a chance to meet some amazing women from both Boston and Newtown this month!
So let's see what Stacy sent me....I must admit...I am seriously siriusly excited about the amazing stuff which I love!!!! Stacy and I have been exchanging emails for several weeks and she totally nailed it!

I got a bottle of Wine and a bottle of Maple Syrup! Plus some YUMMY soap!! She figured me out!!!

A bottle of BBQ sauce and Oh, my favorite thing...the bracelet

This smells so good and I love the smell of APPLES

This bracelet really touched my heart!

I may have teared up.  I was so touched that she sent me the Sandy Hook Bracelet.

Plus I got a Newtown cookbook.  I don't know why I didn't get a better picture.  The cover is charming!

Sadie got treats

an so did Ries and they must have been amazing because the kids were QUIET!!

I can't say enough about how amazing both Jodi and Stacy are and how much I have loved getting to know them.  Honestly, I wasn't sure when I signed up for the Cara Box exchange originally but the two months I have done it have been absolutely awesome.  Stay tuned and thanks to all the amazing ladies!

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Micah said...

This looks really fun. I should sign up.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

It is so fun and the best part is meeting so many awesome ladies!!!

Jessica said...

Nice box!! I know you'll enjoy the wine for sure!!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I have gotten really lucky and met so many amazing ladies! You doll! XOXO

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