Sunday, June 2, 2013

Where I live June Photo Challenge with @TxWomenBloggers

Linking up with Texas Women Bloggers for the June Photo-a-day challenge!

Oh my!! I nearly forgot it was June so I owe you some photos!

This is where I live. This is my little house. I love this house. It is a work in progress and after living here for 14 years the progress now includes going through 14 years of "stuff" and getting rid of what I don't need. That's life!


Yesterday was busy but I managed to work in a date with T. He is back on the road today with an emergency run and right now I am sharing him with his boys. I don't mind. The kids just got in to town Friday and they need daddy time. I love that!

I forgot to get a photo together since we were having so much fun but I will work out something for the Mobile Monday blog. Happy Sunday!


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