Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WILW: I am nuts! That's what he said.

What I'm Loving Wednesday Link Up

This week has started out rough.  I mean, yesterday I come home to a note that my air conditioner let out a high pitched wail in the middle of the afternoon and I should probably have someone check it.  I keep listening to it turn on and off but I hear nothing out of the norm so I will have to schedule an off day to have it serviced and pray.  The unit was replaced 4 years ago outside so it is still pretty new.  I don't want to live without AC in Texas, for obvious reasons.  This morning when I woke up I had a bunch of failed Yahoo emails from about 2am.  I wasn't emailing anyone at 2am so I realized right away....something was spaming my address book.   Then I got emails and texts from all of my upset friends telling me to please change my password.  I hardly ever email anyone unless I am responding to something so really, this just annoys me.

Yesterday I went to Target at lunch to look at Maxi Dresses and I suddenly got baby fever while shopping.  There was a lady with a cute little newborn out shopping and the next thing I know, I am looking at dresses that are in the matenity section.   I think the whole universe must be upset with me now because I was literally being stared down by bunny rabbits and squirrels this morning as I left my house.   I want a baby but I don't want a baby right now.  I want the whole package and I am not rushing a relationship with any man to have a baby.  I have too many friends who seemed to have happy marriages who are now in the process of breaking up to stick myself intentionally with any man who I am not sure about.  (This is not about T by the way.  He has been super amazing.  This is about me.)

All of that is to tell you....coming up with something I am loving right now is a big stretch but here goes:

*I am loving shopping for girl cloths.  
I forgot how much I enjoy dressing like a female.  

*I am loving bright colors for summer:
Yellow, Green, and Blue are the staples of my wardrobe but having choices of brights is so nice.   I don't feel comfortable in melon or pinks but I love those colors on others.

*I am loving that I am spending Moday and Tuesday at the ballpark next week and that I get to spend it with my mom.  She is moving the following weekend and baseball may be the only time I see her this summer.

*I am loving that I get to meet my riding buddy, Khrystal, tonight and get a ride in after work.  I may be missing baseball but the Rangers will survive without me.

*I am loving that David Murphy coming in to pitch last night turned a really dull blow out game into something fun. 

*I am loving that I have learned how to talk myself off the ledge.  Whenever I start to do that totally female thing we do....freaking out about nothing, I talk myself down.  I tell myself that nothing means anything and to stop looking for problems.  Putting 40 years of insecurities to bed is not easy but I am trying.

*I am loving how strong I feel during the day and I am hoping that starts to translate into feeling strong in the quiet, alone times.

*I am loving that I have someone I actually miss when he is out of town, which is all the time, but that I am also smart enough to know that we both have very busy lives and he will be with me when he can because he wants to be.  T doesn't run away from me, he runs to me.  That is really nice.

*Sweet Tea:
I have never understood the appeal.  I do now.  When I say that, it has absolutely nothing to do drinking it and everything to do with kissing someone who has.  Sweet tea is nice. Kissing isn't TMI, right?

*I am loving that a friend of mine told me the reason the squirrels look at me funny is that I am clearly nuts!

*I am loving my crazy, mixed up, insane life and I can't wait to see what comes next.   Even if that includes mad bunnies and squirrels. 

Happy Hump Day!



Kristen Moreno said...

love shopping for girls clothes!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Yes, you are right! I forget sometimes how fun girl cloths are!

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

I'm sorry your day started off rough, I would be miserable without my AC but I'm glad it's getting better! You look great in your picture!


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