Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trail Riding and a trip to the ER

Saturday Morning I woke up so excited! I was hitting the road to Arlington with my favorite girl in tow!

It had been way too long since Skye and I had spent time together. 3 months. I felt so bad about my weight gain and how I looked. I was depressed. I couldn't face my bike shorts until Saturday. I grabbed my bike capris and a T and headed to River Legacy for a Clinic. This was a huge women's clinic with both the DORBA and FWMBA women involved plus Bicycles Inc and the City of Arlington Fire Department.

The beginning of the clinic was a skills clinic and I learned some good stuff. Later we hit the trail. It wasn't too far in when I realized something wasn't right. Probably about the 2 mile mark. I was feeling off. I had been drinking water but I was feeling tired and breathing was too hard. I thought it was probably because I hadn't ridden in a while at first then maybe my asthma although it was warm and that usually is more reactive in cold. I pulled over to stop a minute and suddenly felt dizzy. The sweep pulled over with me. Her name is Maria. I sat down. Maria stayed with me the rest of the morning.

It turns out after resting for 5 minutes I decided the best thing was to ride out and get some water and cool off and eat. Maria and I headed the 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 miles out by the bypasses and I thanked her and headed to my car. I was putting my stuff in the Jeep when I turned around and there was Maria and 2 Arlington Firemen. I told them I was fine and that I just hadn't eaten this morning. They chastised me and then asked to take my BP. I said sure. It was 130/72. I said "see...told you I was fine". They handed me water and laughed then the other fireman asked if he could get my pulse. I said sure. He grabbed my wrist and said "I can't find it". About that time I started seeing spots and leaning back on the car but didn't say anything. The last thing I remember was him grabbing my left wrist and then I heard someone say "grab her she's going out". Then I was in my bedroom and dreaming about being late for River Legacy only I was hearing voices and I couldn't figure out why Ries and Sadie were talking and were male!!

So there was an ambulance ride. A lecture from the paramedics about proper pre-Texas heat hydration starting the day before and the proper color of urine being clearer if you are hydrated.
Oh, and coffee not actually counting as either a meal or hydration. :(

One of the largest IV tubes I have ever had. It's a 16 gage. It's cruel. It hurt.

4 of these bad boys. Yay!

At least I got my swag bag thanks to Khrystal who came to the hospital not once but twice! She also checked up on me later in the night and has held off on killing me until I at least stop beating myself up for this one. She is a good friend. My friends have been sweet. Texting to see if I am ok.

When I was finally ready to go home they gave me a really nice parting gift to remember them by. I do have to say the hospital staff was very nice and they managed to tell me a nice way that I need to take care of myself without the lecture. My mom just gave me that "mother" look that says you will not do this again will you because you scared me to death?

I wanted to go biking today in the worst way. I accomplished that. As good as it felt to be out there on the trail and boy did it, that trip to the hospital was a wake up call on another front. There are a lot of little things that I need to be more careful about. Water and getting breakfast in before I ride are two of them. The firemen, paramedics, and ER doctor were all cute and really nice but I would just as soon not ever have to spend a day like today again.

I have been trying so hard all week to be mindful of my eating. I can't stop on the weekends. these things breed?? I always find extras of these things hiding when I get home. Oh, my tests were all fine. My heart is fine...yes, I have one and it isn't even broken! Apparently, the Texas heat got me.

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StaussHauss said...

I'm so glad you are ok! This Texas heat can be a beating. Its a good thing you have so many people that care about you and that were by your side when you passed out. Are you going back to the trail today?

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Thank you Julie! No riding for me today. Rest and inside with lots of liquids and maybe tomorrow after work I can get a ride in. Lam still a little off even pushing all the fluids and I do not want a repeat of yesterday!

Brenda said...

I've found I have to eat before working out especially in the heat. I went on a hike a few weeks ago and almost passed out because I'd not eaten before. I saw spots and felt light headed but drank a lot of water, which helped. We cut the hike short because I wasn't going to make it.
I'm so glad you are okay. Passing out really zaps your energy. It was a good thing these guys were there to take care of you.
Take good care! You'll be back out there soon.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I agree. I am finding everything exhausts me today. I slept through the ballgame last night, woke up long enough to write this blog then slept again, and I have already napped today. I am hoping to get a ride in tomorrow but at least a hike. I really did learn a lot at the clinic!

Katie said...

Clearly, I didn't read this before I left my earlier comment. Lol. But I'm glad you're alright. I won't lecture you about water/food and the ridiculous Texas heat because I'm sure you're getting plenty of that. Lol :)

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