Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why Friday was meant for Loving and other fun facts Thursday!

Fun Fact Thursday!

Do you ever sit around and think about silly things like words and where they come from....or am I just odd?  (Please don't answer that.)  One of my co-workers just got back from Greece and she came in to my office all excited and started to explain to me how, while she was traveling through Athens and seeing all the ruins they had all these statues and they used to have giants in Greece and people used to be so much bigger.  I looked at her confused and asked her what she was talking about? She said, "You know when that lady was around they named Athens after."  Me "Athena?"  So we started talking about Greek Mytholoy and it turns out that when she was in school they didn't teach it.  I don't even want to think about what they didn't teach me in school that I am going to be talking to someone about in 20 years because I know it is going to be much more technical than Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology.  Anyway, we started talking about the days of the week and I was using that as an example of how mythology and the planets have shaped our language so I just thought I would blog it because who knows...maybe some of you are word nerds like me and you think this stuff is fun.  Or, maybe I am weird.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that if I gave you a hint you could guess on two of the days of the week and get them right without thinking and maybe even three and I gave you number four in above so we are over halfway home but humor me.   Let's start at the begining. This stuff is fun ,interesting   well okay just read it maybe you will learn something, maybe not. It's short, and maybe a little funny, I promise!

Sun's Day

Sunday is the Sun's day...see wasn't that easy?  No, not the ice cream kind the Star in the sky kind but if you can afford ice cream by all means pull up a chair and break open the Blue Bell and go crazy!

Now if Sunday is the Sun's day....what do you think Monday is?   If you guessed

Moon's Day
Moon give yourself 2 points!   From here it gets a little more complicated.   How is your Norse mythology?

is actually the English/Germanich Tiu's Day which is the Norse God Tyr who is the god of  war
He looks mean, doesn't he?  All you Tuesday's children must be real troublemakers! I am staying away from you!

This one I always remember because it is how I remember how to spell this crazy word.  Woden or Odin.  He is kind of the big cheese of Norse mythology.  The father of all gods,men and the ruler of Asgard. Which by the way if you are a Stargate fan is a different Asgard but give yourself Nerd points.

 I guess that makes all of us Wednesday's children a little bit bossy?  Nah, probably not. Just do what we tell you and it will all be just fine.

Everyone knows Thor, right?  He is that Hot, Blonde, Hammer Carrying, Norse god of Thunder. Of course we all know him.  He looks like this:

He is pretty

Unless you are actually a Stargate fan in which case....this is Thor who of course, is an Asgard:

God, I am a NERD!!!!

Friday is a little controversial.  Yes, there is some disagreement is it Freya or Frigg and no they are not the same.
This is Freya adn she is the goddess of love, beauty, and fecundity.  She is the leader of the Valkayries.

Freya's Day?

However, THIS is Frigg.  She is Odin's wife. She is the goddess of clouds, sky, and conjugal love.  Very different as you can see. 

Or Frigg's Day

Either way, I think one thing is clear, Friday's were made for loving so you are definately supposed to be getting busy because both Freya and Frigg would approve! *Wink *Wink


I said you could probably guess three.  This is the third.  If you had the son and the moon there had to be a planet in there somewhere, right?   Here it is.   Welcome to Saturn's day! Well, technically it is named after the Roman god Saturn.  Meet Saturn the Roman god of agriculture:

Saturn's Day
But without even looking I am going to go out on a limb and guess that when they were naming the planet somehow this
Not Saturn's Day
 reminded them of that odd looking guy with the sickle,  funny beard and really bad boots.  Can we talk MAKE OVER Saturn?

Happy, Thor's day.  I am going to leave you with on last shot of Thor because really, can anyone have enough Thor in their life?


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