Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dunk A Rama plus a visit with the Vampires!

Today I am doing a day in the life of what I am loving. I am a little late with this because it is today!

My office had BBQ and swag today! That is right...swag. New shades and Leis for everyone.

And da Q!!!!

There was a dunking booth and for a donation you could get your shot at the manager of your choice.

This is my before and after shot on the way to my execution and on the way back dripping wet. I was dunked a lot. Like, maybe 12 times. Rumor has it there is a video. Rumor has it I will destroy the evidence! Lol. I don't have it. The money is being donated to families in Moore, Ok so I could not say no when I heard.

Later I went to visit the mobile vampires.

The drip dried me was looking a hot mess but you's about the O positive. Now honestly I was not sure they would let me donate what with the whole fainting thing on Saturday and I sure did not want anything in my right arm with that big old needle mark healing.

They had me at Texas Rangers tickets but if you give in July you get Blue Bell rewards! Boom!

They even gave me a baseball to squeeze.

And my door prizes for donating blood. I am giving one of the baseballs to this cute little 4 year old boy I know who happens to be awesome!!!

Anyway....everyday is not this exciting but I wanted to share. Happy Hump Day!

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1 comment:

Micah said...

I miss Rudy's. Yum!!!!

Those rewards are awesome. I'd take either one.

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