Monday, May 6, 2013

You'll Think of me Bonus Blog!

Video You'll think of me

This is a bonus blog.  If you missed my normal Monday blog go HERE! No need to thank me for the extra sharing...I know, it is too much. I just love y'all.  What can I say?

I never do a Music Monday.  Mostly because except for a year of piano lessons and 9 months of guitar lessons all of which led me to have a piano to haul around and a guitar collecting dust in my closet my music knowledge is limited to what I like and what I like is very....weird and different.

With that in mind, this song by Keith Urban says exactly what I feel right now.  "Take your memories, I don't need them."  This isn't about anyone specifically for me.  I am not-not missing anyone, anymore.  It is just time for me to live for the here and now and not the past or the 'What-if's' or the future. The only regrets from here on out belong to someone else.  So, maybe "You'll Think of Me" but I am more than fine.

This song is about finding your strength and man have I found mine thanks to a lot of time to think and a gentle reminder from a very nice gentleman-friend yesterday stubborn and strong willed redheads can be when they decide on something.

I tweeted today that it is a liberating moment when you realize that life isn't something that happens to you, it is something you go and get.   I fully intend to grab life and live it to the fullest and that starts now.  I am going out there and I am getting my happiness and heaven help anyone who thinks they will stand in my way. 

I finally, finally, finally love who I am just the way that I am and it can only get better because I am truly incredibly happy.  Shhh, don't tell anyone! :)

My thought for you today is this:  Life go get ya some!

Enjoy the Ride!



Jessica said...

Loving the positivity!! I think once you open yourself up amazing things are going to happen! Any updates with your solo vacation planning?

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I am really leaning toward Alaska for some reason. Maybe because it is so different from Texas??

Jessica said...

Very different!! But from everything I hear, it's so beautiful

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