Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday: Fitness the return!!

Okay so today is the 1st return of fitness Friday for 2014! Partay!!

I have done pretty well this week doing a Kettlebell class, Kickboxing and Yoga. Have I mentioned that I hate yoga? I do! Hate it but I hurt so much from Kettlebells and Kickboxing (which I love) that I needed the yoga. So not to bad for a round one fitness undate. It will get better. The pain is the good pain and it will go away soon to be replaced by the strength. Can't wait. It's been too long!


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BNM said...

Keep it up :) Im running a 5k tonight so excited

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Oh good luck! End of the week runs! That takes extra special strength!!! You go!!!

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