Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday Things: Dear Jerk Drivers

Dear Jerk Drivers I have something to say to you. I am tired of you thinking that you own the road. I am sick of you thinking you don't have to follow traffic laws. Let me enlighten you a little here.

I work in auto claims so I may be highly sensitive to the fact that you people seem to view traffic signs as a suggestion not a command to be followed. Nothing drives me crazier than trying to exit a highway and not being able to get over for my shop or diner because you seems to believe that 'Yield' sign is meant for the people actually exiting the highway and not the people on the ramp in spite of the fact that it is actually placed at both sides of the ramp for all lanes. Tapping your breaks and actually slowing down to let the driver coming off the highway is too hard so it is a much better idea to speed up, possibly hit them, maybe hurt someone, and be at fault for the accident because disregarding a traffic sign is a moving violation. Good thing the other driver is smarter.

These signs are all over too. They are placed for a reason, of course. If you get in the wrong lane your option is to turn and then go out of YOUR way to turn around, right? Oh, of course not. What happens is that you just totally ignore the sign and go about your business because you own the road and everyone else? Well who cares if they are actually obeying the traffic law. It is about what is easy for you not what is right. You made the mistake but why not make everyone else pay for it? You're selfish like that.

Oh and hey you Motorcycle rider, hi there! We see you darting in and out between cars and driving down the shoulder. Did you know that's illegal in basically every state but California? You aren't allowed to drive on the shoulder. Oh and when you cut off my boyfriend the other day going slow on a major road when he was going 50 MPH, do you remember that? You had no helmet, no protective gear, and nothing to keep you safe if I hadn't told him to watch out for the idiot on the bike, you could be dead right now. You're welcome you idiot.

Speaking of being an ass, you know that lane that everyone knows disappears on the highway? The one the state warns you about for 2 miles before it goes away so everyone else has gotten over, even in rush hour? That isn't your queue to drive in that lane so you can get in front of everyone else and get ahead of the safe and considerate drivers.

Related to that, if you know you have to exit and you are in the left lane, don't wait until right before your exit then cut across 4 lanes of traffic cutting off every driver in 3 lanes. I know this is hard to believe but those vehicles actually have people inside and people are fragile and can't always be fixed. Sometimes they fall down and go boom and don't get back up when you do stupid crap like that and you end up in jail charged with something called 'vehicular manslaughter'. Those are big words, I know, but they mean people died and you end up behind bars.

I know this will fall on deaf ears because the people I am talking to obviously can't read. They don't know what "Yield" or "Stop" means. Shoot, they can't even figure out the right turn only signs that are drawn. Oh well, happy Thursday to the safe drivers out there!

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BNM said...

LMAO bad drivers are the worst!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I think they must have know I blogged about them and are coming for me! Lol

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