Wednesday, April 2, 2014

State of the Rangers Vol 1.2014

My Wed in season blog analysis of the team outlook:
Record: 1-1
Injuries: the entire starting rotation plus J. Profar
Offensive outlook:
Gotta admit, I like this lineup. They get on base. They have pop. They can hit for power. What's not to like about a team that scores a baker's dozen runs in 2 games?
Defense and Pitching:
There are problems. We knew there would be going into the season with Yu Darvish, Derek Holland, Matt Harrison, and Colby Lewis unavailable and I am not convinced Lewis will be back. His minor league start last night was less than impressive. Let's see how Harry does tonight in Frisco.

Overall personal confidence meter: B+
I know that's high for a team 2 games in to this season and .500 but I believe that the outlook is good and this team will get better.

Non-baseball related item:
Favorite new experience of the week:
There were a few and some I am not sharing but this I shared already but it is worth repeating.
Bacon lovers rejoice! Maple glazed bacon on a stick has found a home and that home is Rangers Ballpark!

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