Monday, April 21, 2014

Mobile Monday: Turkey Hunting, Baseball and Easter

Thursday we headed out to East Texas to do a little Turkey hunting. Ok, "we" went camping. I basically was in charge of finding fire wood and guarding the stuff while "they" went turkey hunting as 'this dog don't hunt' so to speak but waking up Good Friday to this view totally makes up for the 'cold-night-sleeping-on-an-air-mattress-I-think-I-am-a-princess-and-believe-a-motel-is-roughing-it' girl. That's not really true. I don't need a hotel room but I would prefer one, for sure! My sister in law and I were talking on Easter about this. She loves to hunt but she agrees the best option is a motel room somewhere with plumbing and a shower. It's the little things in life. :-) Anyway, it was beautiful as you can see and I heard my first Turkey and while my brother and my guy think it's funny, I honestly thought at first that they sounded like a barking dog. They are incredibly loud though and really pretty. The colors are amazing in the feathers. I have never imagined the colors of browns. Just beautiful.

Saturday we had baseball tickets and it was a totally fun first time at Rangers Ballpark for my young friend which was fun to share. It was also Yu Darvish Bobblehead night. We had a great time and the ballpark was rocking. There was a couple behind us that got engaged.

Nolan Ryan and Sam Houston made an appearance. Oh, and the Rangers won! Earlier in the day we had made cupcakes, colored eggs, and I decorated the lamb cake for Sunday. We had the first Easter egg hunt. It was a super busy day!

Sunday was all about the family stuff. We had more egg hunts, dinner, and the cake, which turned out...not too shabby. The kid LOVED it and that's what mattered. I want to make the tradition my grandma started something to carry on.

I hope everyone was able to find blessing this weekend.

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