Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blog Update: It's Ok Thursday

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It's Ok:

*To have political opinions and not share them with the masses on social media.  
I see everyone sharing their opinions on Twitter and Facebook and this just confuses me.  First, because if I don't agree I have to stop myself from arguing.  Second, because I can't for the life of me figure out what they hope to accomplish.  Nobody is going to change an opinion based on a Tweet from Joe in San Marcos, right?  It isn't that I don't care about the world.  I care too much.  I also have been around just long enough to know that what I feel is right isn't what everyone does and my opinions and politics have changes a little over the years.  (I am not the raging liberal I was at the University of Texas but I am far from being a conservative either.)  I just want this election year to be over so we can get back to talking about really important stuff like how to get baseball and softball back into the Olympics! :)

*To overuse the Exclamation Mark! 
I am probably the worst offender.  One is never enough for me.  I know that drives some people nuts. I suspect for some it was a short drive anyway.

*To be highly competative.
I admit it.  I am.  I don't like losing.  It doesn't matter at what.  Baseball, Football, Scrabble, Monoploy, Love, Life, Words with Friends.  I just don't like losing.  I try really hard not to be a sore loser on those (rare?) occassions when I do lose.  (The exception is weight.  I want to be a huge loser here!)

*To be silly excited that my bike should be ready either today or tomorrow.
I said the other day I feel like a kid at Christmas.  This is true.  I spent way too much money on this bike and I will be eating noodles soon but who cares? Expect a post and pictures after I get a chance to ride it. I had to miss the DORBA training class last week for a number of reasons but there should be another the second week in September and I plan on being there.  I also signed up for a 8-week trails Fall Program that Wheel Women (Part of DORBA) is having.  I am super excited about this because you meet at the local trails and go around with people who actually know them so you won't get lost.  That would never happen to me, of course. 
Or maybe it would! <-----Click here if you missed my post about my first attempt at Northshore!)

*To get frustrated with men. 
This is a big topic but here is my problem. Yes, like any female I enjoy a compliment about looking nice or being attractive.  Like any female, I like a little attention from men, especially if it is someone I like or care about or want to get to know more.  What I don't like is being objectified or treated like a place to hang a coat. (That was the nicest way I could say it.)  I don't like when married men tell me I am eye candy, rub my back, or hit on me.  What am I suppose to do with that?  More over, why is it always married men that want me?  I am not the prettiest girl in the world. I am not the thinnest girl in the world.  I am definately not the girl who intentionally gets involved with a married man.  I have too much Catholic girl guilt.  It would make me crazy.

*To be super excited that my softball team number is 32!!
For those who don't know, that is Josh Hamilton's number!!!!! (Yes, this deserves many, many exclamation marks.)

*To be so ready for the Rangers to leave New York. 
I love and believe in you guys and I know you will get it together by the time the playoffs happen.  I just need you out of New York and that awful New Yankee Stadium where you go to die in the regular season. 

*To really need to work on my spare room.
I have been trying to redo this room for months.  Okay, truthfully, I haven't been trying.  I want to do it and need to do it but working out and going to baseball games and finding 5 minutes a night to read always seem more important. 

That's what's ok with me, what is ok with you?



Micah said...

I so agree on the politics thing. I know what I believe. I don't need to post it to prove anything. I wish people could have polite discourse about their differences, but alas, they just like to insult and call names. A lot of those people are no longer on my news feed.

Exclamation points = bangpoles. At least that's what some of my friends and I call them. :)

I missed where you got a new bike. So exciting!!

DoxieDoodle said...

Bangpoles. LOL. That is cute. I am not sure given the mini-rant I went on about married men, I should use them now. :)

My bike was purchased last Friday and seems like it is on a slow boat from Trek to get here. LOL

DoxieDoodle said...

I just got a call from Bicycles Plus. My bike is ready. I am going to be so obnoxious as soon as I get this baby out on the trails....and get that trail training and officially sign up for Dorba and find a riding partner and well, I am!

Jenille Thibault said...

First of all, Amen on the political posts. You aren't changing my view and it makes me want to whenever I see all that crap all over my FB, twitter and every other social media site I use.
And secondly I totally agree with you about the married men hitting on you thing. Ewww. Just plain ewww.
Lastly I'm a new follower! Can't wait to read more!

DoxieDoodle said...

Thanks for following Jenille!
As for the married men thing, ewww is the perfect way to describe it!!

Rachel said...

As you know, I agree with you on the political issue. We are so the same person!!

And AMEN that we are finally out of New York- ug!!


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