Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blog Update: It's Ok Thursday

Linking up with Amber  and Neely again for It's OK Thursday!

It's Ok:

*that today is going to require 3 cups of coffee.  I normally try to limit it to 2.  That isn't the day I am having already.

*that I can't wait for Saturday in the (Ball)park with my friends.   I have stressed about this tailgate, food, lack of table, if Chance will remember the football and I keep adding things I want to make but eventually I am just going to believe that whatever happens, hopefully people will be having a good enough time that the mistakes won't matter and if they do, hopefully they will be too drunk to remember!

*that given the amount of stress I go through for a simple tailgate or party, if I ever due find a sucker....I mean husband, I should probably just elope. (Don't hold your breath...I am giving up on this dream even if I did have a dream last weekend about this dumb idea.)

*that I am leaving early for a doctors appointment and since I will already be on the right side of town, afterward I am going home to change and hit the trial.  Debating on Knob Hills or Horseshoe Trail.  I am a little worried about snakes. 

*that the last sentence is a lie.  I am a lot worried about snakes.  I saw photos of some last night on the Facebook page for one of these trails.  I hate snakes.

*It is okay that I hate snakes.  It is REALLY okay.

*that I am getting silly excited about the Dorba beginners training class and the Wheel Women Fall Tour that both start on Sept. 8th which I am doing with my friend Khrystal.  I can't wait to get out on the trails with people who know what they are doing and can learn me! :)-

*that I feel like this sometimes.   Why can't people just do what I want?  Life would be so much easier....for me!

*that I am really happy for my friend who has a lunch date today.  I am almost as happy as I would be if I was the one with a lunch date today.  I hope you have a good time and give the girl a chance.  All most of us want is a chance.

*that some people tell me I look like my mom.  (I don't see this, to be honest but since my mom is pretty, I will take it as a compliment.) 

*that I love that picture of the two of us but the shadow on my chest drives me nuts.  Nobody probably noticed it until I pointed it out but it makes it look like I had a 2nd shirt on. It is a shadow but why?

*that I think I look more my grandmother.  My dad looked a lot like her but he had my grandfather's dark hair and brown eyes. 

*that baseball is my true love but right behind that comes college football.  I am so ready to see the Longhorns and Fighting Irish play I can't stand it.

*that I have been craving tuna fish for over a week. I have had it like 5 meals in the last 8 days.  I never eat the stuff and although I do love tuna, it isn't something I normally crave.  Peanut Butter, yes....tuna no.

*that realizing how lucky you are sometimes takes someone pointing out that your life sounds pretty good to them.  I never think my life is that exciting but someone pointed out to me that I go to concerts, tons of baseball games (and a few hockey in the winter), get to spend a lot of time (recently) on the bike trails and I have my post season tickets all the way to the World Series (Yes, I believe!!!) secured, and I have some pretty amazing friends.  Yep, my life is pretty darn good.

*that I really do not understand the facination of shows like the Bachelor and Bachelorette.  I don't know why anyone cares what Emily and Jeff do. These are made up celebrities with no real importance and nothing valuable to add to my life.  I don't really care if Emily cheats on Jeff but I have to hear about it on the radio in the morning just so I can listen to my favorite morning show before I change to sports or something else.  BLAH!!!!

*that I do not count the Biggest Loser among that list of crappy Reality TV because it is actually providing inspiration to millions of Americans to get off the couch and pay attention to health.  I have found that during this 80lb (and counting) weightloss trek of mine it sometimes becomes necessary to have a visible inspiration every Tuesday to keep you going.  

So, what's okay with you today?

Happy Thursday everyone!!!



Micah said...

I am among those fascinated by reality dating shows. Even though I know they are far from real, I still think there are some valuable lessons in them about what not to do and what to look out for. I also enjoy the high drama and entertainment. And not just from the girls either. Guys are drama too, even if they don't want to admit it :)

DoxieDoodle said...

Well, we all have our Guilty TV Pleasures. Mine is The Vampire Diaries.
I just read your blog and realized you and I must suffer from the same sleep deprivation issues since we both started out our blogs with COFFEE!!! :)

lil desiqua said...

I have never seen a single episode of Bachelor/ Bachelorette/ any "reality" dating show. However, Jersey Shore is a guilty pleasure, along with a few others! Hope you have a wonderful tailgate party!

DoxieDoodle said...

Aw, thanks so much.
As for guilty pleasures we all have them. I totally forgot I sometimes watch the Kardashian train wreck. :-/

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