Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Blog Trails, Carbombs, Tailgates, and Friendships

Your getting a mobile Tuesday basically. It's my blog so I can bend the rules. First I want to say that I had a great little experience the past few days so let's see what's photos we have.

This is Knobs Hill where I went biking Thursday.

It was a total blast. I am still learning to take chances and I am for some reason better on the way back. I think because I am tired and don't think as much.

Friday I was baking for the tailgate party Saturday. Lucky you I took pictures of the Carbomb Cupcakes. Let me just say these are some really drunk cupcakes.

These cupcakes have Guinness in the cake, Jameson in the ganache and Bailey's in the icing.

Saturday was the tailgate and the ballgame. Almost everyone showed up and we all had a great time. I was really bad about taking picture for some reason but I did manage a few.

It was Ron Washington Bobblehead night.

My friend Chance got to sit with us which never happens. I happened to pick him up a poster for his little boy so I gave it to him that night and as luck would have it, he ended up getting an extra throw back t-shirt I had, the prize he gets for showing up and being a good friend.

Sunday I have no memory. I think I got a facial, cried, and slept. Don't ask.


This day was hard. I'm dealing with some personal stuff I don't really care to share, not even in my blog. My close friends know & don't care how stupid I am. The day ended with Rangers baseball which was awesome. We won and I got to see two of my favorite people in the world.

I have to say this is one of my favorite pictures of the weekend which is amazing considering my morning started with no power so no hair dryer, curling iron or makeup. Not a good start to a Monday! :)

Happy Tuesday!


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