Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Humpday Blog update: Because I love it!

First I have to say how happy I am that there is finally a Pinterest Mobile App for Androids! Now the 35 minutes of free time I have in my day is spoken for!

Ten days until my Horns kickoff. I may have to find someone with LHN to be my friend. Seriously annoyed.

This is more for the guys. Your love of bacon makes me laugh.

Omg! I just laugh at how dumb some guys are. Either they are hitting on a woman they will never have or they are complaining because a normal, pretty lady isn't thin enough or hot enough. Um, look in the mirror boy, you need a reality check!

Humble brag!

Okay, it made me laugh. I will settle for 2 of these.

I'm not violent in real life, but I may feel this way!


I am working on being better. One room at a time.

Perhaps I have some anger issues? Not really.

Yes!!!!! Just Yes!!!

Have a great day!


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