Monday, August 20, 2012

Blog Update: Mobile Monday

It was a busy and rain filled weekend. The temperature dropped and we needed the rain but selfishly I was hoping for some dry days.

Because of the damp ground I was forced to ride my new toy on concrete trails around the parks on Friday.

Here I am in all my nasty glory.

This is the turtle family I saw while biking Friday. Cute, huh?

Saturday I took the bike out on a real trail. That isn't it.

Khrystal went with me. Here she is trying to smile.

Saturday night we had tickets for Brad Paisley.

Here we are before the rain. That is Khrystal, me and Rachel.

Here we are after the drizzle started.

And here is the downpour.

They let us come down into the covered seats. The concert was at Gexa which is an outdoor venue.

Rachel and I trying to stay cute right before the concert was cancelled.

The roof had leaks right over the stage. Not good. Hopefully the concert is not rescheduled during the playoffs. I have other plans!

I spent Sunday cleaning after I had a dream that a friend showed up unexpectedly and my house was a mess. I also watched some Rangers baseball. Ries spent it sleeping. This is how this dog always sleeps.

Happy Monday!



Anonymous said...

Dang I look good when I'm all sweaty!!! Not really. I feel famous now though.

DoxieDoodle said...

Of course you do, because you're Khrystal. I included you all cleaned up and looking hot too.

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